Late Night Sugar Rush


My laundry remains unwashed … I didn’t actually make it out to the movies yesterday … actually, the highlight of my day yesterday was a late night run to McDonald’s for sustenance and sugar. Oh and I didn’t go for a run either. Yes, my Wednesday was basically a schlub fest that resulted in far too little activity and far too many calories. Oh well :D

I’ll spare you multiple photos of my eats last night … but hey, I was in a mood. Today, I deffo plan to get out of the house cuz I’m supposed to hang out with Emma and Josh tonight. I might actually get out of the house before the sun goes down to run a few errands … tho it’s unlikely my laundry will actually get finished. Sigh.

In my defense, I’m going to have a bizzy weekend in a couple of day so … I’m resting while I still can :D Happy Thursday!!

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  • rOXy

    The Den of Slack, west coast style?

  • Meghan

    Is that a shamrock shake?? They just brought them out again and I need to partake soon!