Jay-Z Signs Timbaland To Roc Nation!


Pleasepleasepleaseplease let this mean that a Jay-Z/Timbaland production is coming soon! Agh! Look, I know I keep saying that 2013 is gonna be a cray-cray year for music but, ummm. 2013 is gonna be a cray-cray year for music! A little while back, I remember watching Timbaland’s VH1 Behind The Music special, and I was like Damn! I really hope someone co-signs him and gives him another chance, and voila! Enter, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation! Jigga Man has just signed Timbaland to his label and I’m so excited! The possibilities are friggen endless! Click inside for more.

The Hollywood Reporter has the deets:

Music producer and artist Timbaland signed this week with Roc Nation, the multi-faceted music org founded by fellow artist-producer Jay-Z in 2008.

Posts on both Roc Nation’s website and Jay-Z’s Life + Times blog confirm the signing, with a photo of both artists sitting in a recording studio with the caption: “Roc Nation Welcomes Timbaland To The Family.” At the time of the announcement, it was not made clear what role Timbaland will have at the company — a record label, management company and publishing firm.

Timbaland has previously worked with artists including Missy ElliotDestiny’s ChildLudacris, and Snoop Dogg. He also produced the majority of tracks on Justin Timberlake’s 2006 album FutureSex/LoveSounds.

As for Jay-Z and Timbaland collaborations, the two can trace their past to 1998, when Tim produced two tracks on Jay-Z’s album Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life. From there, he’s been a producer on four of Jay-Z’s last eight albums.

The headline on the photo that was run on the Life + Times website reads, “And I Won’t Surrender It With Beats By TIMBALAND,” lyrics from a Jay-Z rapped, Timbaland-produced track titled Hola’ Hovito.

The two artists’ most recent collaboration was with Timberlake on his new single, Suit & Tie.

How cool is this?! And weren’t we just celebrating the amazingness of Aaliyah (which necessarily implies the amazingness of Timbaland) last Throwback Thursday?! See? We put all that good, Timbaland-infused energy out into the universe and totally made this happen, lol. It also helps that he produced Suit & Tie, so yeah. Team Timbo!

Anyway, I really hope we hear a new Timbaland-produced Jay-Z track in, like, 5 minutes. Sigh. In the meantime:


Oh, and for those of you who prefer the original, un-cut version, I’m here right now:


And yeah:


  • Iris B

    Shannon…you did know I was going to have to comment on this post, right?

    I feel like the angels in heaven are finally shining down on this poor, poor Earth and blessing us all over again with wonderful sounds to are worn out ears. They are finally shining bright rays of light on us after this horrid musical drought.

    Seriously, I’m freaking excited. I am so happy that Blackground Records seems not to have a part in his musical comeback.

    I wished JoJo was signed to Roc Nation – listen to her mixtape, Agape! Love it.

    • Shannon

      Iris B, what’s good, lol?! I’d heard about ‘Agape’ a while back and then totally forgot– downloading as we speak :)

    • miguel

      yessss! please do a review for agape if you can, want to know what you think. it’s short, but sweet.

      I’m glad he’s out of Blackground, FINALLY. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break. First they tried to ruin his career as a producer(and SUED Blackground), and then BG didn’t have the money to release SV3, after releasing 3 singles. I’m sure that he’s extremely happy to finally be able to put out music again.

  • nicole

    you know…i should have figured something was up when JT got Jay on his new song..
    i have high hopes for the music of 2013, so far it seems like its going to be a good year. heres hoping they dont let me down.

  • Alecia

    I never really thought Timbaland was bad on the side of making music but business wise it seems he’s had issues, first with the DeVante Swing mess he and Missy went through, then with Beat Club, but hopefully this will be great and like Nicole I feel this will be a great year for music.