How To Destroy Angels Announces The Release Of Their Debut Album ‘Welcome Oblivion’

WATCH the Music Video for new song 'How long?'

Just about a week after we learned that Trent Reznor‘s new collective How To Destroy Angels will make their live debut at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this April, we learn today that HTDA will be releasing their debut album Welcome Oblivion in early March! To celebrate this happy news, we also get to check out the music video for the album’s lead single How Long? Click below to see the album art for Welcome Oblivion, check out the tracklisting for the album and watch in full the just-released new music video for their new single How Long? Woot!!

Welcome Oblivion – CD version:

01 The wake-up
02 Keep it together
03 And the sky began to scream
04 Welcome oblivion
05 Ice age
06 On the wing
07 Too late, all gone
08 How long?
09 Strings and attractors
10 We fade away
11 Recursive self-improvement
12 The loop closes
13 Hallowed ground

Welcome Oblivion – Vinyl version:

01 The wake-up
02 Keep it together
03 And the sky began to scream
04 Ice age
05 Welcome oblivion
06 On the wing
07 Too late, all gone
08 The province of fear
09 How long?
10 Strings and attractors
11 Recursive self-improvement
12 Unintended consequences
13 We fade away
14 The loop closes
15 Hallowed ground

As you can see the vinyl version of the album, which will come with a CD containing all songs, will feature two extra songs. I understand that the CD version, the vinyl version and possibly the digital version will all feature different cover art (the artwork above is the vinyl cover). Wow! Here is the video for the new single How Long?:

As you can hear, this song is a bit different from the earlier HTDA music that we’ve heard on their earlier EP releases. How Long? is more upbeat than we’re used to hearing … and I really love it. This is a lot of new information to take in but dang, it’s all amazing news! I managed to finagle my way into a ticket for Coachella Weekend One so I will DEFFO be there to see How to Destroy Angels make their LIVE DEBUT IN PERSON! This new single is great … and we only have about a month to wait until the whole album is released … then a mother after that, HTDA live in concert. I’m so overwhelmed with happiness :D


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