Here Are 7 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Has Been A Big Deal For Quite Some Time


Y’all. I was watching Winter’s Bone for the first time a few weeks back and I was all like, Jennifer Lawrence is a ridiculously big deal. That scene? Where she’s pulling those um… winter’s bones… from out of the water??? (LOL, trying not to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it.) She’s crazy! And now she’s really, really starting to blow up, having won a Screen Actor’s Guild Award, a Golden Globe, and hella other awards for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. It paaains me to say that I still haven’t seen this one but it’s def next on my movie list. Plus, I gotsta see it before the Oscars. Even though I’m rooting for little Quvenzhané Wallis, I know Jennifer Lawrence is gonna be a tough one to beat. Now, the first couple of Throwback Thursdays we had were music-related (Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah inspired some pretty epic jam sessions), but since we got our first look at The Hunger Games: Catching Fire earlier this week I kinda had J-Law on the brain. So click inside to check out a few of her best pre- Hunger Games, throwback performances!

7 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Has Been A Big Deal For Quite Some Time

1. So, while she was accepting her SAG Award on Sunday, Jennifer thanked MTV for giving her one of her first gigs. Apparently, this is what she was talking about:


2. I definitely didn’t watch this show, but the idea of Jennifer Lawrence on TV is kind of awesome. This is a clip of her rescuing her younger brother on The Bill Engvall Show. She totally sacrifices herself (well, her outfit) to save her sibling– already on her Hunger Games ish, lol! Checkie out:


3. Ummm, why haven’t I seen this creepy-looking movie before? With Selma Blair as Jennifer Lawrence’s pimped out momma?! And friggen Bokeem Woodbine?! Madness. I also love how the opening song the YouTube fan uses has very little to do with the scene… I think:


4. P.S. Yeah. I thought that scene was intense until I saw um, this one. J-Law on her throwback indie ish!

5. Hey. Even Oscar nominees gotta start somewhere! You’ll never believe who/what she played on Monk:


6. Who knew that in Garden Party J-Law looked just like Juno Temple? LOL! Anyway, this looks like another creepy movie I gotta watch one day:


7. This was Jennifer Lawrence in 2005, just one year before she started acting professionally. The hair says eighth grade throwback, but the earrings say, I’m going to the Oscars, bitch! LOL, I love this:

Ha! J-Law’s all grown up now. Like for real:

And it’s a good thing, because the growner she gets, the better the performances. But here’s to Throwback Jennifer, without whom Silver Linings Playbook and Catching Fire Jennifer wouldn’t be possible. Speaking of which, who has seen Silver Linings and why aren’t I going right now?!?!

  • Natalea

    Silver Linings Playbook is amazing! Such a well-written script and all of J-Law’s awards and accolades are well-deserved for her performance, duh. Plus, I just think she’s fabulous, and I know we’d be best friends if we ever met. You’ll love it, Shannon!

    • Shannon

      Natalea, I trust your judgement! Did you get to see our girl in ‘Rust In Bone’ yet?

    • Natalea

      Girl, Rust and Bone left my local theater before I had the chance to see it! I’m dying inside, really.

  • Ben@pr

    She’s really talented. I watched Silver Linings this past weekend and her performance was outstanding. She’s got a real range to play characters. That’s something most of Hollywood “actors” are lacking.

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, Jen definitely stands out among other actors in her generation. Y’all have me jealous now! Gotta see SLP!

  • Dezden

    I honestly don’t really watch movies (Yeah, weird, I know.), but Jennifer is from my city (Louisville, KY), so that’s sorta cool. Yanno. So I try to keep up with her.

    • Shannon

      Dezden, that’s right! I remember reading that she was from Kentucky. Explains why her accent was so dead-on in ‘Winter’s Bone.’

  • muchacha

    I have said it before, but it’s worth repeating – I have a crush on JLaw and am a big fan. i haven’t yet seen Winter’s Bone – it’s on my list.

    My boyfriend kindly accompanied me to SLP two weeks ago. Frankly, I thought Bradley Cooper was so compelling in portraying the manic phase of BPD, I am surprised he’s not winning more awards. JLaw is great too, and her best scene is toward the very end. I wish I could tell you, but it would be a spoiler. Overall this movie is a RomCom, which I am not normally into, but it’s an example of how this type of movie can be done well and touch on important issues. There are some really powerful dynamics around mental health, and the director achieved his aims in this regard in an accessible way. Meaning that these issues can and have reached an audience of those who might not want to see/normally be exposed to all the nitty-gritty details of the problems associated with mental health. Some might argue the movie glosses over the problems around mental health, but I think it’s an overall contribution to the destigmatization.

    Anyway, back to JLaw. I rented Hunger Games a couple of nights ago, because I was really craving the story. I really like the dystopian genre, and HG triology is one of my favourites if not my favourite – I’ve read the books probably 4-5 times. In watching the movie the other night, I was reminded just how much JLaw portrays the Katniss I envisioned. I can’t wait for Catching Fire to be released :) JLaw’s recent choices (SLP, Hunger Games) are in line with my interests, so I am looking forward to see what she chooses next.

    • Shannon

      muchacha, thanks for this review! I think the film is getting such strong reviews because it somehow balance between being a rom-com and being a smart film that addresses bigger issue. Looking forward!

  • Krissy

    I just read where she was on a late night show and said her boobs were uneven! That takes some major balls to do that on live tv! You know that everyone is going to be staring at them and comparing now. She just has no pretense. I love that, it makes her exciting because you never know what unplanned thing she will say next.

    • Joan

      Indeed. Her personality is open and genuine. I love her for it. I also love her because she’s in touch with her inner dork, which means that she doesn’t take herself overly serious. It’s very refreshing in Hollywood. (And she’s a huge fan of the Potter series! That automatically gives her a bazillion points in my book.)

  • guest

    I still dont see what the big deal about her is.