First Listen: Cee Lo Green Teams Up With Lauriana Mae For His New Single, ‘Only You’


Sigh. New Cee Lo music makes life happy! Only You is the fist single off Cee Lo’s forthcoming, currently untitled album, and it’s pretty sweet. Sticking with that vintage vibe, Cee Lo croons sweet nothings to Lauriana Mae, who also appears on tha track. She’s an up-and-coming artist and, honestly? I’m sold! She’s got a great voice, especially on a song like this, and I’m def looking forward to hearing more from her. And more from Cee Lo! Peep the audio above; Cee Lo debuted the track on Rolling Stone and described it as a song about ‘love lost or the acknowledgment of a love lost, but it’s still optimistic.’ And go to DirectLyrics to check out the words to the song, penned by Skylar Grey.


  • momo

    omg. these lyrics are my life right now! i need to stop replaying the song and bawling my eyes out. Thanks Shannon for sharing this awsome song!

    • Shannon

      momo, just saw this. You’re welcome! But stop crying; we love you over here, lol!

  • Iris B

    This song is so cute. For some reason I can totally see myself playing this after listening to Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and make a story of the two songs together. LOL.