Christoph Waltz Of ‘Django Unchained’ Will Make His ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut


You know that feeling when you go to IMDB and you realize that a particular actor has been in, like, 5 of your favorite movies? Okay, that was me with Christoph Waltz, like, two seconds ago. Everyone now knows him from Django Unchained (Trent’s favorite movie of 2012, and mine too), and he recently picked up a Golden Globe Award for his brilliant performance as Dr. King Schultz. I also associate Christoph with Inglourious Basterds (another Tarantino flick), but totally forgot that he also starred in Roman Polanski’s Carnage (my absolute favorite movie of 2011) and Water For Elephants (yes, I loved that movie)! Apparently, I am sooo Team Christoph, lol. Which is why I was psyched to hear that he’ll be hosting an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. Click inside for more!

The Hollywood Reporter has the deets:

Oscar-nominated actor Christoph Waltz will make his Saturday Night Live debut.

Waltz, who won a Golden Globe for Django Unchained, will host the Feb. 16 episode, NBC announced Wednesday.

Joining the actor is Southern band Alabama Shakes, also making its first SNLappearance. The band, which released its debut album Boys & Girls last April, is up for three Grammy Awards, including best new artist.

SNL will return Feb. 9 with Justin Bieber as host and musical guest.

So yeah. Something tells me Christoph’s episode will be a real treat… especially after Bieber hosts… lmao! But hey! Maybe Bieber will surprise us. Either way, I’m just psyched that Christoph will be on! If you’ve seen his work, this makes a lot of sense; he’s got a real keen sense of comedy. Carnage, for example, was a perfect comedy. Christoph starred alongside Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, and John C. Reilly, and it was glorious. Not sure why I’m not watching it right now, actually.

Also! Don’t judge me– but I’m just now getting hip to the Alabama Shakes! And yeah, can’t wait for them to perform as well. Anybody else psyched about this upcoming episode?



  • bleedingEars

    Waltz and Alabama Shakes on the same show on the same night? That is pure awesomeness. Hopefully the writers put on a GOOD show.

  • Meghan

    Christoph Waltz is a brilliant, brilliant actor. Can’t wait to see this.

  • nicole

    oh this should be a great episode!

  • kendra

    Oooofah! Christolph in any form on screen is such a treat! Can’t wait! And damn him for having such a sexy speaking voice! I’m not the only one who thinks so, right?

    • Shannon

      kendra, ‘damn him for having such a sexy speaking voice’ LOL! That accent is pretty hot so, no, you’re not alone :)