Previously Unseen Photos Of Nicolas Cage As Superman Hit The Internets


Once upon a time, crazed Superman fan Nicolas Cage signed on to play the Man of Steel in a failed film titled Superman Lives. The film was meant to come out back in the 90’s and was supposed to be directed by Tim Burton (who found success as the director of Batman and Batman Returns). For various reasons, Superman Lives died and the film was never made … but the legend lived on. Today we get to see a couple of screen test photos of Cage in the Superman suit intended for the film and, well, we now have photographic proof why Superman Lives was NEVER meant to be. Check out the photos below.

Wow, look at this pair of photos taken behind-the-scenes of Tim Burton’s canceled Superman Lives movie that was supposed to go into production in the 90′s. The image was posted to @dcumoviepage TwitPic account. It’s pretty friggin’ surreal to see Nicholas Cage as Superman. I wish we could all go to Netflix and watch it right now.

SIDE NOTE: Director Jon Schnepp is actually working on a documentary about the failed Superman Lives film and plans on talking to the everyone involved with the project including Nicholas Cage himself. Can’t wait to see that!

Uhhh, no. I mean, yes, it would be funny to see any footage from this failed film but the idea of Nic Cage as Superman is so incredibly laughable I can’t even believe this film was even allowed into the realm of possibility. When you compare Henry Cavill, the new Superman, to Cage … I mean … c’mon. I’m sure it was a huge thrill for Cage to win the Superman role and I wouldn’t be surprised if he even kept the suit but … no. No No No.

Just …

… no.


  • Joel Foreman


  • bleedingEars

    I feel that cod piece is rather generous.

  • janaegal

    I’ve actually seen these photos before and they are still kind of creepy to me. Like some sort of craigslist ad that you share with friends over email.

  • ClaireMichelle

    This is just something I cannot un-see. And now I might just have nightmares about it tonight… This is not my Superman, I can tell you that much!

  • CherryCola

    I feel a bit mean but I think it needs to be said anyways ………..BWAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAAHAHAH*wipe tears from eyes* AHHAAAAAAAA*breath* AAHHHHHHAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

  • swile71

    Maybe another SLAP from CHER snapped him out of it. THANK GOD!

  • radioredrafts

    He’d better be thankful it didn’t happen. He’d’ve never lived it down.