Justin Bieber Proudly Shows Off His Saggy Undies


So, it must be really hot in Miami, FL this week because Justin Bieber can’t seem to keep his clothes on. After he noticed he was being staked out by the paps, The Biebs gave them his best COME AT ME, BRO pose and started showing off various parts of his body. First, he showed off his abs, then his chest … then he just took everything off but his saggy underwear and was all, How you like me now? Do you think the young pop star is getting desperate for attention?

Maybe he was just trying to show off his growing collection of tattoos or maybe he was trying to show the world what his ex Selena Gomez is missing (not much, tbh) but for some reason JB thought it would be really cool to walk around in his underwear while hanging with his homies. HMMM. Anyone impressed?

[Photo credit: Pacific Coast News, INFdaily]

  • Sandy!

    I’m rolling my eyes.
    It seems like he’s trying to show us that he’s growing up, but he’s still acting like a child.
    Not a good look, Biebs.

    • Krissy

      He just tries so hard! The harder he tries, the more he looks like a kid.

  • Beth

    Impressed, no…depressed? Oh yeah!

  • Kayla

    Selena has been looking all sorts of sexy lately so my guess is that this is his answer… such a fail though.

  • nicole

    umm i thought those kind of underwear werent suppose to be baggy? oh beibs go hide under a rock.

  • DC

    lol not impressed at all what a lil boy

  • RonRontb22

    “Showing off” isn’t the phrase that comes to mind.

  • swifty_fan

    why are none of his handlers saying “hey justin, uh you’re outside in your underwear, how about you come inside now. Its almost time for you nap”

  • swile71

    Maybe he shouldn’t be wearing big boy undies. Someone get him his underoos.

  • Alecia

    Justin just needs to stop. JT’s back on his suit and tie business, Selena’s moving on like she should’ve eons ago and he’s walking around in his underwear trying to pretend he’s the new Mark Wahlberg.
    What I propose is his mama invest in a belt and switch before she sees him in an orange jumpsuit and cuffs.