Feta Fries, FTW!


Life’s been pretty quiet for me this week and honestly, it’s just the way I like it. I didn’t have any plans yesterday so I did my best to do as little as possible. I meant to get started on my laundry but … nope. I ventured out for a bit to grab some food and pick up a few things at Target so that was pretty much the highlight of my day. My friend Sarah sent me a hilarious photo of a Pampers baby model that she says looks like me (see main thumbnail image) and I decided to make it my Facebook profile photo. I actually can see the resemblance … but I’m not sure if it looks like me or like my long lost baby … who knows? While at Target yesterday, I passed thru the baby section and there I was … a lady even gave me a second look, it was kinda funny :D

Before Target, I swung by the Malibu Grill to stuff a basket of Feta Fries into my face … yes, they are as good as they look. They may not be quite as good as Aussie Chayze Froys from Outback Steakhouse but they’re pretty damn good.

Today, I MUST get my laundry done … I should go for a long run since I have a half marathon on Sunday but I’ll prolly go see Gangster Squad instead. HMMM. I got a bad case of the lazies, not good. Happy Hump Day!

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  • janaegal

    In my warped head, these are HEALTHY cheese fries because feta is totally healthier than cheese sauce…because feta comes on salads and salads are healthy. I can pretty much rationalize anything.

    • @janaegal — SO HEALTHY :D :D :D

  • Patty

    Any sage advice for getting ready for a half marathon? I plan to run one in May, but I have only ran at most 4 miles. I plan to add a 1/2 mile or so every weekend

    • @Patty — If you’re planning a May half, you should be fine using your schedule. As long as you’ve run around 9-10 miles the week before the race, you should be totally fine. For my first half, I trained so that I was already running farther than 13 miles by the time race day rolled around.

    • Patty

      Thanks Trent!!

  • AwesomeMargie

    Maybe it’s your long lost son? Did you ever “visit” a bank?
    Still LOL though especially at the lady giving you a second look.

  • mandylala

    OMG that baby pic is freakin me out. Your hair even falls the same way. LOL

  • nicole

    oh man, i LOVE feta fries. i kind of use to live off them.

  • Dezden

    That picture is too funny. And those fries look tooooo good!