Beyoncé Releases A New Promo Image For Her Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show


Back in October we got our first look at the first promo image of Beyoncé‘s upcoming Super Bowl XLVII Halftime show performance and last week we got to see some photos from rehearsals. Today we find ourselves day away from the BIG DAY and we get to see a NEW promo image and a new batch of rehearsal photos … cuz if it’s one thing Beyoncé knows how to do is NOT flood the world with too much promo material :) In truth, tho, the new photos are pretty fabulous … check ‘em out below.

C’mon … this photo is fierce and you know it. She is so gonna kill it this weekend, I just know it. Here are a few of the rehearsal photos that Bey has posted on her official website that show how much fun she is having right now:

Having seen Beyoncé perform live in concert, I’m telling you … we are in for some major slayage this weekend. I can’t wait. Beyoncé may be hammering us over the head with far too much promo these days but … it’ll pay off, you just wait and see.


  • smASH

    I love that with all her fame and all the concerts or performances she’s done over the years, she still steps up like it’s a job. She doesn’t ever seem to just get out there and wing anything, everything is calculated and it makes it that much more enjoyable to watch her perform! You know everything out there has been thought over and practiced a ton of times just for this one time! She is pretty auh-mazing!

    • Krissy

      I agree. She doesn’t just rest on the fact that she has already acheived so much and super fans will celebrate anything, she busts her azz on every performance. I really gained a lot of respect for her after I saw the video of her concert where she went down a flight of stairs on her face and still got right back up and started singing. That looked so painful!

  • janaegal

    Even though I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, I do think she’s an amazing business woman and an even better entertainer! I’m actually excited for halftime because I think she’s going to bring it!

  • nicole

    im not a fan of that promo picture at all. its not cute.

  • Dezden

    I love these photos. I’m excited about Sunday!