Watch: Beyoncé Films A Commercial For Her New Fragrance Pulse NYC


So … in between rehearsals for the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show this weekend and launching a clothing line for H&M and promoting an HBO documentary about her fabulous life (among many OTHER THINGS), Beyoncé is also readying the release of a new fragrance called Pulse NYC. As you may know, Bey has already released a smell called Pulse so this is Pulse: The Next Generation. The ad campaign has yet to be released but this behind the scenes making of video gives us a taste of the smell to come. Is it possible that Beyoncé is overkilling us with overexposure? I mean, it’s still January and yet … HMMMM. Are YOU excited for the release of a new Beyoncé smell?

  • emily

    I’m with you Trent, I’m feeling a bit barraged with Beyonce and it’s a bit of a turn off. She is very talented, very hardworking, lots of projects, etc… but there is a wonderful marketing tip about scarcity … the more scarce an item, the more it is coveted. If we just heard about one project at a time it might have more meaning.

  • Randal

    No hate, but am I the only person in this galaxy not on the Beyonce bandwagon? I mean really…

  • Diva

    No, Randal you aren’t the only one. I was never on the Beyonce bandwagon. Think she’s extremely over hyped but that’s just my opinion. She needs a LONG vacation.

  • blaqfury

    I swear her and Rhianna tag team…lol! Bey is all front and center and Rhianna dies down… and vice versa… But she looks fab and hey, everything is better with Love On Top playing in the background.

  • Sandy!

    Beyonce, after the Super Bowl, PLEASE GO AWAY.
    Even if it is for just a few months. Those months will be glorious.

  • Linnea

    Omg i think i’m gonna choke now.. It’s just to much Beyonce everywhere now.. I liked her more when she took a year off…