The CW Decides To Pass On Their Wonder Woman TV Show . . . For Now


Damn, it looks like Wonder Woman just cannot catch a break these days. After NBC famously scrapped plans to release a new TV series based on the DC Comics superhero, The CW went into pre-production on a Wonder Woman series of their own titled Amazon. You may recall late last year that the network started casting for the lead role of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman and it looked like things were full steam ahead on the series. Today we learn that The CW has decided NOT to pick up Amazon for release this year … which means we won’t be seeing WW on the small screen anytime soon :/

The CW just wrapped its pilot orders for this season with eight pickups, including planted The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals. Amazon was not among them, and I have learned that the network has decided to roll the Wonder Woman origin project to next season. Additionally, I hear the CW may order an off-cycle pilot, so Amazon may go into production sooner if the network is happy with the final script. Amazon was the first project this development cycle to begin preliminary casting back in November when Warner Bros TV started exploring choices for the lead, Diana, while the script by Allan Heinberg was still being written. “We’re waiting to see the script and are busy casting Diana,” the CW president Mark Pedowitz said at TCA earlier this month. In the end, I hear the CW brass felt the project needed more time.

Sooo … the show isn’t dead exactly, it sounds like they just want to take more time to make sure they get the series right before they begin filming. Honestly, this is encouraging news. I’d rather they take their time with Wonder Woman rather than rush out a crappy show that wouldn’t last (which is what NBC decided was the best course of action … they scrapped their series before it could be allowed to fail). Part of me believes we’ll never get a serious and successful WW series on TV again. Even when The CW announced plans for Amazon, I had a feeling something like this would happen. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens but … I just cannot hold my breath.


  • LiQue

    I hate that my most beloved superhero gets relegated after all this testorone rush in Comic films and series! IT SUCKS!

    • Joan

      Yeah, we need a female superhero! With that said, we need a pretty awesome portrayal of a female superhero, so I’m fine with them taking all the time they need. I just hope they give it go at some point. I’m still really into CW’s ARROW, so I still have faith in the network.

  • rOXy

    :( Wonder Woman is too awesome to be handled cheaply, so it’s probably best.