Justin Bieber Grabs A Boobful Of Fan At A Meet & Greet In Miami


I would appear that Justin Bieber’s break-up with Selena Gomez is hitting him harder than anticipated because the little scamp has decided to act out his frustration by grabbing female fans within arm’s reach. JB posed with fans backstage at a meet & greet event in Miami, FL this week and for one lucky (?) fan, he got a little fresh. The Biebs planted a kiss on one girls cheek while he cupped one of her breasts in hand … immediately turning Justin Bieber into Justin Boober.

He seems to be slowly turning his back on his young good boy image from when he first rose to fame as a youngster. And now 18-year-old Justin Bieber seems to be pushing the boundaries even more, especially when it comes to his fans. The Baby hitmaker groped a fan’s breast during a cheeky meet and greet session in Miami on Monday. Posing for the risque shot, Bieber, who recently split from girlfriend Selena Gomez, grinned as he kissed the girl’s cheek while cupping her left breast. Wearing sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap with a black sweatshirt, the singer can be seen smirking through his pout as he posed for the tongue in cheek image. And far from being shocked or upset at the close for comfort move, she seemed comfortable when the superstar made the gesture as she smiled next to him.

Um, comfortable? I’m not sure that the look on this girl’s face reads “comfort” but I’m sure she is now relishing in the fame that her left boob has brought her. I suppose we can’t be all that surprised by Bieber’s actions here … if he’s not flashing his ass on Instagram, he’s sexually harassing his fans … I guess it’s to be expected at this point. I wonder what else The Biebs will do to act out and rebel. Any guesses?


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  • Stacy

    This is Falen from KDWB (Minneapolis) – Love her!

  • splacer

    Honestly? It looks set up to me.

  • Lola

    Here’s the real story. Might want to do some research before jumping to conclusions. Seems every story that these websites are writing are not so truthful.


    • @Lola — What “real story” are you talking about? The tweet? Or the fact that the photo was pulled offline cuz it’s so innocent? Haha

    • Lauren

      The only story I read is it was an accidental awkward picture, kinda creepy but seemingly accidental

    • @Lauren — Seemingly, I guess.

  • LaurenL

    This makes everyone else uncomfortable too, right?

  • Krissy

    He has no class. No doubt that she is loving the attention now, but that is still really wrong. You know the meet-and-greet was probably filled with 10 year olds that saw this.


    He is trying so hard to tell us he’s a “man”, but he just acts like a spoiled 12 year old.

  • Jeannie Kiehl

    That just makes him look like a pig and really unattractive

  • Joan

    My problem with everything Biebs-related is that, whether intentional or not, it looks like he is always trying so darned hard to be whatever it is he thinks he is. From the ridiculous wardrobe to the body exhibition that has been going lately: kid, you are far from being all that. Check yourself.

  • krib

    How does one “accidentally” grab someone else’s boob? If he wasn’t Justin Bieber, he probably would have been arrested for battery. Creepo!

  • rOXy

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Justin BOOBER! So full of WIN!

    Kid shows all signs of being on drugs. Maybe that’s why Selena finally left him.