Google Maps Gives Us A Sneak Peek At ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’


Earlier this month Entertainment Weekly magazine gave us a bit of an early peek at the forthcoming sequel film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire due out in November (I KNOW! A LIFETIME AWAY!!!) and today we get another, less authorized peek at the film. The industrious fans who operate the Hunger Games fansite The Hob discovered that anyone can get a look at key film sets from the movie via Google Maps. By entering in the right coordinates, we can see satellite images that show the sets used for The Tribute Parade and The Cornucopia arena in Catching Fire. I guess the photos are kinda spoilery so proceed at your own risk … otherwise, take a look below.

Last October when Catching Fire was filming in the Atlanta area, one of our fabulous readers had shared with us aerial photos of the Cornucopia set at Clayton County International Park and the Tribute Parade set at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Now we’re getting even better shots of these two sets through satellite images on Google Maps!

Man, you gotta love rabid stans … there ain’t nothin’ they can’t sniff out. If it’s available on the Interwebs, ardent fans with time and patience can find anything. These are really neat shots of key aspects of the film. IMHO, the photos aren’t really that spoilery because they depict settings already described in the books and because they are satellite images, we can only see the big picture (and not truly spoilery details). I love this. While November seems a lifetime away, I guess I don’t mind so much if we get to enjoy fun little things like this along the way.


  • ClaireMichelle

    SQUUUUEEEEEEEE!!!! November just needs to get here already, honestly.

  • Joan

    Not spoilery, but ENOUGH TO MAKE ME FREAK THE HECK OUT! That looks amazing!

  • blaqfury

    I.Cannot.Wait!! Finnick! November needs to get here sooner rather than later! Thanks for sharing.

  • MJ

    HA! Wow, the thought hadn’t occurred to me, but this is awesome. You gotta wonder what other film sets will be spoiled now…and how studios will figure out a way to stop it, if they care.

  • Kate

    Thanks for this, Trent! Anything to help pass the time…

  • Amber