Feathering My Nest

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Yesterday was a very nice day for me here in LA … warm, sunny, not freezing and covered with dirty snow LA. After a morning where I enjoyed having all the windows open and allowing the sun to pour in, I took delivery of the leather club chair that I bought last weekend. Because of my trip home to Detroit (and the MLK holiday), I had to delay delivery of my chair to this week … but it arrived, right on time. Yesterday afternoon I hung out for a bit with Ollie in DTLA so that we could catch up and then I spent a nice evening at home doing absolutely nothing. ‘Twas a nice day, indeed.

I am in LOVE with my chair. I thought it was going to go in my bedroom but instead, I think it looks better in the living room. I was only able to enjoy the chair for a bit before I ran out to hang out with Ollie but you’ll hear no complaints from me. Ollie gave me a cute little Cruella De Vil figure to display in my home so I was happy to bring her home. I also hung a new mirror I found in Detroit last weekend so … yeah, bit my bit my place is coming together. I’m almost done with everything but I am hap-py with the way things are turning out. Believe me, I’m holding on to any bit of happiness I can get these days.

I don’t have much planned for today, I just have a ton of laundry to do. I was unable to secure Coachella tickets earlier today so I’ll need to figure that out, too. OY! I don’t wanna do nothin … it must be Tuesday :D

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  1. Sigh. I just really, really, REALLY need that chair!

  2. MJ

    Trent, I spy the guitar…do you play? :)

  3. emily

    OMG, Love the Cruella doll!

  4. Adrian

    I loooove the Cruella POP! vinyl fgure. I have the Wonder Woman, Stitch, Freddy, Jason and Micheal Myers ones. I can’t get myself to open them though.

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