David Beckham Is Training With The Arsenal Fútbol Club


Yesterday we saw photos of soccer stud David Beckham making himself QUITE AT HOME in Europe on the set of an Adidas commercial in Spain. Today we get to see more photos of Becks doing stuff in places that are NOT AMERICA, making it painfully clear that we Americans may have truly lost him forever. Since he quit the LA Galaxy soccer team here in California, folks have been wondering if he was planning to play soccer fútbol with another professional team … and maybe we’ve gotten our answer. Becks was spotted at the training HQ of the Arsenal FC looking quite cozy with the other footballers. Sigh.

He has yet to make any firm decisions about his footballing future. But David Beckham set his fans speculating when he was spotted training with Arsenal FC on Tuesday. The 37-year-old former England captain joined the team at their state-of-the-art Hertfordshire training HQ, while considering his next move after leaving his last team LA Galaxy at the end of December. While Beckham has insisted he had just joined the Gunners in a bid to maintain his fitness, many will see the training day as the latest indication that the father-of-four is set to sign with the Premier League club. Beckham wore the training kit of flop striker Marouane Chamakh, who is currently on loan at West Ham, as he trained with the team. He was later seen sharing a joke with Jack Wilshere, Lukas Podolski and the rest of the squad. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder is determined to prove he can still play at the highest level. Beckham trained with Arsenal in 2008 and with their north London rivals Tottenham two years ago, during the MLS off-season. He is currently a free agent and in no rush to make his next move as he can sign outside of this transfer window. Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s meeting with Liverpool on Wednesday, Arsene Wenger said: ‘He called me. He has asked to come here and to work on his fitness. He has not done anything for a long, long time.(It’s) purely for fitness. There’s no speculation about signing or anything.’ With Wenger playing down the possibility of Beckham signing on a permanent basis he was asked what benefit there is for Arsenal. He said: ‘Nothing. To help somebody. We are open for people who behave well when they come here.’

Aww, it’s awfully swell of those guys to let good ol’ Becks train with them. BLAH!!!!! I mean, I get it … EVERYONE LOVES BECKS but … I love him best when he’s here in the US … well, in California, specifically. BUT, alas … it would appear that those days are over. Blech. Whatever … Becks looks happy, those Arsenal guys look happy … EVERYONE IS FREAKIN’ HAPPY. Yipee for them :/


  • Aaron

    Futbol is in spanish speaking countries…its just football in UK

    • @Aaron — To me, if it ain’t soccer, it’s futbol :D

  • kendra

    I wish he was training with my Liverpool boys, but at least its not ManUre! I do believe it’s just for fitness reasons, but it would be fun to see him back in the PL..I wish he would “accidentally” injure a few players during training ahead of tomorrow’s match agains Liverpool..We need all the help we can get!

    • Amanda

      Kendra – we are as one (pink and red all at the same time!!!) and yes, we sure do need all the help we can get. It’s been a pretty sad season for us!

    • kendra


  • MJ

    I like how Becks goes to a state of the art training facility with a top tier football team to “work on his fitnetss” while the rest of us just hit up a gym.

    If he wants to join my Gunners, by all means! I’m not opposed to some English Premier Eye Candy! :)

  • Yasmin

    I was scrolling down and not reading the headline, just glancing at the photo and got really confused for second! What is Lukas Podolski doing on PITNB??? Then I saw he was standing next to David Beckham…
    Please note that the only reason I know one soccer player from the other is because this particular one is a fellow German (and the other one is David Beckham).