Britney Spears Is All Smiles On A Starbucks Run


Last week we got to see some photos of our dear and newly single Britney Spears out and about on a shopping excursion where she was lookin’ supercute … well mostly if you kinda don’t pay attention to her hair. Today we get to see new photos of Brit Brit out and about and this time, there is no question … she looks completely fab! Britney ventured out into the world yesterday to grab a caffeinated drink at her local Starbucks and graced us with her beautifully relaxed visage. Take a look below.

Folks who futilely pray for the return of the “old Britney” might be sated a bit with these new photos … oversized sunglasses, comfy sweat pants, tousled hair piled atop her head and Starbucks drink in hand … it don’t get more “old Britney” than this :) We know that Britney spent part of the weekend filming scenes for a music video for the Scream & Shout remix that was released Friday night so we know she’s keeping bizzy in between outings. I’m guess that what we’re not seeing are her trips to the recording studio where she is HOPEFULLY doing serious work on her next album. As the weather warms up here in SoCal, I’m hoping we get to see more of Britney out and about like this. It looks like Britney is enjoying being single again … which, I gotta say, is really great news.

[Photo credit: Fame, Pacific Coast News]

  • Jen

    Did you see the photos of her going to a church service this past weekend in a short(ish) skirt? She looked ah-mazing!

    • @Jen — Yes, I did see those … but I totally prefer Casualney :)

  • Heather Boilanger

    I like this look on her, too. She looks great and is out and about, having fun like a normal person!

  • Becca

    Loving the smile!
    But that’s pretty much the only fab thing about these pics.
    I mean – I’m all for celebs looking casual, but this just looks like she rolled out of bed five minutes ago…
    Girl can do better – I mean it is Britbrit we’re talking about :)

  • aeb

    is she still wearing her engagement ring? kind of looks like it.

    i am also glad she’s given up on the frappacinos in favor of a nice tea.

  • janaegal

    I’m hoping this new album is amazing, I’m anxious for some new dance music!

  • Ruby

    She looks fantastic!! Love happy Britney.