Ashton Kutcher Tweets A Creepy Photo Of Him As Steve Jobs


Last month we saw the first official photo of Ashton Kutcher in character as the late Apple founder Steve Jobs in the forthcoming biopic film jOBS due out in April. That official photo and the previous on set photos we saw showed Kutcher as the young Jobs. Today we get to check out a new photo that shows us what the actor looks like as middle-aged Jobs. Ashton shared a photo on his official Twitter profile that is a side-by-side comparison of his version of Steve Jobs and Jobs himself … the result is pretty damn creepy. Check it out below.

Thank you Sundance for your support of Jobs

Pretty uncanny … and pretty creepy. I’m really interested to see what the full photo of Ashton as middle-aged Steve looks but, yeah, I’m impressed with how much he looks like Steve Jobs. I guess none of us can really judge how well Ashton pulls off his ability to bring Steve to life but he deffo has the look down, which is something I’ve been saying for months. So … this photo … creepy, yeah?


  • janaegal

    I’m trying to think of an instance where Ashton Kutcher hasn’t been Ashton Kutcher in a film. He may look like Steve Jobs, but I’ll be interested to see if he can pull off playing Steve Jobs.

    • @janaegal — Same here

  • Rani

    Which one is Ashton and which is Steve?? It’s really confusing… 0_o

    • @Rani — Ashton left, Steve right

  • Joanna

    I heard based on the film’s appearance at Sundance that it received mixed reviews. I’m very interested to see this movie, more to see a movie about Steve Jobs the technology genius than Ashton Kutcher’s somewhat lackluster acting history.

  • MJ

    I’m trying here, but I see Ashton and all I can think is: “Dude, where’s my Mac?”

  • blaqfury

    the resemblance is uncanny…. but too bad this just isn’t a photo shoot…