Watch: Courtney Love Covers ’99 Problems’ By Jay-Z


Courtney Love, that wacky rocker lady who seems to have very precise opinions on the lives of other people, took herself to the Sundance Film Festival to perform live in concert and during her set, she decided to bust out her rendition of Jay-Z’s song 99 Problems. Yes, folks, she did. I’m quite surprised that her cover isn’t as tragic as I thought it might be but … well, why don’t you listen below and judge for yourselves. This version of the song is deffo Courtney Love to the max, no doubt. Click below and take a listen.

While I *hate* when people record video the WRONG WAY on their cell phones, I’m surprised the sound quality is so good. Sometimes C. Love is better heard than seen … but not always. This cover is … interesting, don’t you think? I’m dying to hear your opinions.


  • Shannon

    I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about Courtney’s music career (beyond ‘Make Me Over’ which I love), but I’ve heard fans reference the fact that– in spite of it all– she IS talented.

    I say all that to say… I FRIGGEN LOVE THIS. Johnny and I were talking about covers recently and he was saying that we rarely hear someone cover a song and make it theirs. They usually try to mimic the original or they just do something basic like slow it down, make it acoustic or something. Now, I LOVE those kind of covers too, but this is really different. I dunno, I just love it. And it’s awkward.

  • Mark P.

    The most interesting thing she’s done since the 90s. If she finished it up a bit released this as a new hole single it might actually make waves. Good work Jay-C.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i like it!…..but then i think im the only PITNBer that still likes poor crazy courtney love…..

    • Ariel Echeverria

      no! you’re not alone!!! and like us there are many others, they’re just afraid to come out!!