‘Superman: Man Of Steel’ Covers ‘Empire’ Magazine


Back in December we got to check out the second movie trailer for Superman: Man of Steel and today we get to see NEW promo photos from the film. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, in his new Superman garb, is featured on the cover of the new issue of Empire magazine and inside we get to see newly released promo photos of Russell Crowe as Jor-El and Michael Shannon as General Zod. We’ve seen photos of both men in costume before (HERE and HERE) but these new photos are the first ones officially released as promos. Check ‘em out.

Super-duper news this morning: the new issue of Empire is out this week and it’s adorned with the Man Of Steel on the cover. Yes, Superman is back in town and we have the full story in the brand spanking new issue of the magazine. There’s a cover-line free version for subscribers, if you’re into pictures of superheroes without words in the way, and the magazine is packed with information about Zack Snyder’s film from the director and all his cast.

I can’t get over how handsome Henry Cavill looks. The thing that always struck me about Christopher Reeve’s Superman was how handsome and good-looking he was in character. I think Henry has the perfect look for a new, handsome Superman for a new generation. I think Man of Steel is the movie I’m most looking forward to seeing this year. We still have a few months to go but … yeah, I’m excited.


  • Rani

    I think he’s just really HAWT, I remember Henry when he was the son of Monte Cristo and now he is fully grown in a really hot Superman, can’t wait to see the movie ;)

  • blaqfury

    maybe it’s just me, but he looks extremely uncomfortable on the cover. He looks like he’s unnaturally stiff and sucking in his stomach so someone can take a picture on the count of 3…lol

  • LiQue

    one word: WOOF!

  • Joshua

    laso they made his neck look bigger than it actally is & his “privates” look smaller lol! Smh…lol!