David Beckham Films A New Adidas Commercial In Spain


It’s been over a month’s time since David Beckham and his family backed up their bags and left sunny LA for the much colder, snowier and grey climes of London but it appears that homie has been keeping himself bizzy. While wife Victoria Beckham has been doing her thing (ie. being fabulous in magazine spreads), Becks has started work on a new ad campaign for Adidas. Becks skipped on over to Marbella, Spain to film a new commercial for Adidas and it looked like he was having fun. Click below to see the photos.

On Sunday night he was wrapped up against the cold as he headed to his local pub in south west London. But just a few hours later jet-setter David Beckham was in sunny Marbella to film the new adidas advert, amidst a bevy of gorgeous Spanish girls. Far from looking tired, the 37-year-old footballer seemed on top form as he got on his running shoes and dashed through the streets of the city while the cameras rolled. Ever the professional, David beamed as he chatted to the crew and giving his input in between takes, dressed head-to-toe in bright blue. The star, who reportedly racked up a staggering £13.3 million from sponsorship deals in 2011, certainly had the incentive to put his all into the brand new ad. If he was flagging he didn’t show it as he spent the entire day running around the streets of Marbella, flanked by his co-stars.

Oh you know, just a typical day of David Beckham running all over the city, touching himself and looking hot … no big deal. Sigh. I can’t say that I’m happy with the news that Les Beckhams have left LA for good but if he PROMISES to surface in public wearing as little clothing as possible from time to time, I think I might get over it. I can’t wait to see the finished product, Becks usually features in pretty fun commercials so … we shall see.

[Photo credit: Pacific Coast News; Source]

  • pufinstuf

    Whenever I see Adidas merchandise, my mind just goes “all day I dream about sex.”

    • @pufinstuf — LOL, me too :)

  • kendra

    I hate those chicks who got to watch his bum as he was running away from them..He’s so gorgeous!!