Celebrities Arrive At The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Get Ready For Some Hardcore Dress Envy :)

Y’all know what time it is! After that Chris Brown/Frank Ocean madness I need to distract myself with pretty, happy things. Enter, the SAG Awards red carpet fashion. Please don’t make me pick a favorite– I can’t. And I shan’t. But I can say that my top specials were Claire Danes in Givenchy, Naomi Watts in Marchesa, Amanda Seyfried in that gorgeous blue Zac Posen gown, Sofia Vergara (but you can call her Ms. Va-Va-Voom) in Donna Karan Atelier, and… oh, wait no. I do have a favorite. Jessica Chastain in friggen Alexander McQueen. OMG, that red on red just blew me away. And then I’d have to put Marion Cotillard, wearing Christian Dior, in a very close second, because 1.) she’s my favorite and can do no wrong, and 2.) the dress has pockets so there’s that to wrap your brain around. Okay, and then maybe Rose Byrne in Valentino for third. I dunno! Kerry Washington, Helen Hunt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Tina Fey also looked great. Peep the gallery for more and see if you can pick a fave!

P.S. There’s an ah-mazing photo of Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore, and Kerry Washington having some kind of group, hand-holding, love-fest and it is EVERYTHING. Enjoy.

[Photo Credit: Splash/Wenn/Getty]

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  1. Rani

    I think you meant the SAG Awards in the tittle…

  2. Lauren xx
    Commented on this photo:

    Totally agree with you, Jessica Chastain = FAB. Marion Cotilliard = DIVINE, but OMG Kelly O, I wanted to reach through the screen and rip the dress right off of her, I LOVED IT. That dress belongs in my closet. *goes to buy a lotto ticket right now*

  3. this red carpet wasnt as impressive as the Golden Globes, – a lot more misses this time, but i do love that there was a lot more/bright colours.

  4. Commented on this photo:

    My absolute favorite look of the night: Nina Dobrev. I mean, this pink gown is doing weird things to me, and I’m not even a pink girl. It a relatively simple look, but it fits her perfectly. I have fallen for the peeking lace panels. I love it in capital letters. Jessica Chastain definitely revindicated herself (from that horrible Golden Globes’ look that still makes me cringe). But NINA! OMG, Nina! I can’t get over it.

    Yes, I’m fangirling over a freaking dress. I regret nothing.

  5. Kayla

    I HAVE to get Marion Cotillard’s dress.

    I also have to find a place to wear it…

  6. Commented on this photo:

    Maybe it’s the way she’s standing, but Sofia Vergara has a massive case of Frankenboob happening on her right side..

  7. For the most part, I thought the red carpet was super boring..I hated Jessica Chastain’s GG dress, but she totally redeemed herself last night..And that color on Marion Cotillard’s dress was gorgeous!

  8. aubrey
    Commented on this photo:

    If this beautiful woman does not have a fountain of youth in her backyard, then she clearly sold her soul to the devil because — DAYMMM!– she’s not aging at all!!! I’d love to be her for a day.

  9. Chris
    Commented on this photo:

    its so obvious that Nicole has had work done, in all her pics her face is so tight, she has a freakish look to her

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