Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hilariously Brings Us The Ghost Of MLK Jr., And Redefines ‘Yolo’


Earlier this week Trent shared a promo video for the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, and he predicted that the show would be a pretty good one. I have to say, I just watched last night’s parody of MTV’s Catfish, and it was awesome! I’m not afraid to admit that I totally watch that show, and Adam Levine nailed his portrayal of Nev, the creator of Catfish. But there were so many other hilarious moments! The ghost of Martin Luther King, Jr. showed up to give Barack Obama some advice/to talk about how foiiiine Beyoncé is, and ___ teamed up with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar (the musical guest) to teach us the true meaning of Yolo. Adam’s opening monologue (which featured random, but welcome appearances from Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld) was also pretty sweet. Click inside for more!

Adam Levine’s monologue:




Yolo, Digital Short:


Adam meets Janet, from Yonkers. Actually, I think this one is my favorite:


Ray Lewis can’t stop crying:


You can check out more videos HERE.


  • Holly

    I am a self-proclaimed Catfish addict–it’s riveting stuff! However, that spoof was spot-on. haha

    • Shannon

      Holly, ‘it’s riveting stuff!’ I gotta agree– but yeah. It also needed to be spoofed, lol :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Good episode! Adam is a funny guy. A smoking hot funny guy.

  • kendra

    Man..We must have been watching different episodes cuz I thought the majority of the episode was completely unfunny..YOLO was funny, but it’s not a shock that the Lonely Island pulled some greatness out of their tiny bums..Catfish was good, but how could they make fun of Nev?? He’s so great! At least Adam Levine was fun to look at throughout the episode..

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    Adam meets Janet was THE BEST ever. I loved the whole ep, thought it was one of the funniest in a LONG time. But of course…I am a huge Adam fan. ;)