The Child Endangerment Charges Against Katt Williams Have Been Dropped


So, I’ve been sorta, kinda covering the Katt Williams catastrophe… but a lot of it is just too sad for me to deal with. One of my favorite comedians has fallen, and I’m pretty sure it’s drug-related. Anyway, a little while back I did choose to cover a story about him getting arrested and accused of child endangerment. Police found drugs and guns in his home, and consequently removed Katt’s four children from his care. Katt was released shortly thereafter and claimed that the cops only found marijuana in the house, and that the guns were in a lockbox, meaning he was innocent of the crime. And it looks like the courts are siding with him because the felony case of child endangerment has just been dropped. Click inside to learn more.

TMZ has the story:

Katt Williams finally caught a break … and a big one — the comic WILL NOT face criminal charges after cops found drugs and guns in the house he shared with his kids  … TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story … Katt got popped for felony child endangerment at his Woodland Hills home after cops found numerous guns and marijuana — although Katt told us he didn’t consider pot to be a drug.

But law enforcement sources tell us …. the case fell apart for a couple of reasons.  First, Katt insists his kids couldn’t get at the guns because they were locked up.  On top of that, there were so many people living in the house there was no way of tying Katt to the marijuana — and reasonable assumptions don’t count.

So the D.A. decided not to file felony charges and referred the case to the L.A. City Attorney, which handles misdemeanors.  But even the City Attorney felt the case had big problems, so Katt will appear at an informal hearing at the City Attorney’s office, where he’ll be counseled and warned.

So that’s that … until Katt makes his next move.

Well? This is… good news, right? I really, really want Katt to get it together! So I’m glad that this (especially huge) case has been dropped. I think at this point Katt’s been caught up in so much ish, he probably is being targeted by the cops, and sometimes unfairly. Which is why he needs to stay his ass outta trouble!

Luvya Katt. Please. Get better!

  • Zorbitor

    Reasonable assumptions don’t count? And yet we have investigating “suspicious behavior” and “frequenting a place where…” I guess it doesn’t have to make sense.

  • Samantha

    I’ve heard rumors of a mental illness having more to do with it than drugs but I don’t know. Whatever the issue is, I hope he gets help because is too funny to crash and burn like this.

  • Sam

    I’ve heard about some people going after Katt Williams for some things he said in his stand-up…dunno….anything is possible i guess