Snowed In


Yesterday was my last full day here in Detroit for this trip and it turned out to be a day of mixed results. While it was very nice getting to spend time with friends, the day/night didn’t really turn out as planned. In fact, this entire trip didn’t really turn out exactly as planned. After the Morrissey concert cancellation (which resulted in his hospitalization, I’ve since learned) and the botched birthday surprise for my dad, I guess I wasn’t all that surprised that our Saturday night on the town turned into a Saturday night in with Little Caesar’s pizza pizza. Honestly, I’m not complaining … I always have a great time with Sarah, no matter what we are doing (or not doing) … this trip turned out to be much quieter than I expected ;)

Sarah and I did make it out of the house for a bit yesterday afternoon to visit Agnes at work … and do a little shopping. I *may* have picked up a few things for my condo at home so that was fun. Last night, we went to an event that was really important to Mark so it was nice to support him there. The rest of the night kinda fizzled out tho. Grand dinner plans downtown turned into a pizza fest in the Den of SlackTM. Today, I’m definitely hanging out with my parents since I had to blow the surprise that I’m in town so we’re doing lunch before I fly back home to WARM LA later this evening. I did have a great visit home … chillin’ with Sarah in her amazing home is always a good time. I shall return!!!

I hope all y’all have been having a fantastic weekend! Enjoy your Sundays, y’all!! I’ll be comin’atcha next from the West Side <3

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  • Jennifer Wilson

    maybe this weekend was a lesson in life doesnt go according to plan and that is AOK.