Is Beyoncé Addressing The Lip-Synching Controversy In Her New Instagram Photo?


Just the other day Beyoncé shared a couple of photos from her Super Bowl half-time performance rehearsal, and things were looking pretty serious! Sources close to the singer revealed that she was especially excited to hit the stage, following the lip-synching controversy that ignited after her performance at President Obama’s Inauguration. Still, nobody from Bey’s camp has released any official statements about the issue. Bey, however, has posted a new photo of herself on Instagram… and it kinda makes you think she might be addressing the issue in her own special way. Click inside for more!

Beyoncé Has A Quick Question For Everyone:


LMAO. I actually love this. Can I Live is Jay Z’s song (probably, definitely one of his classics) and the phrase basically means “Can I Live My Life?” AKA “Leave Me The Eff Alone” and/or “Back The Hell Up Off Me.” So yeah, one could def assume that this is her way of addressing any questions, comments, or concerns about her singing or performance abilities.

What do you guys think Bey’s trying to tell us with this one? And why aren’t we listening to Can I Live right now?!


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  • Franki

    I love this! I hope it is in response !

  • Joan

    Yes, you can. Thanks for asking, B!

  • Brian Apple

    There’s no truth to the rumor that Beyonce’s new song will be called Just Press Play.

  • James

    I think Beyonce forgot to put the word “sing” before “live,” lol. And if that’s the case, I’m just as confused as you, girl.

    • Shannon

      James, BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • Steph

    I kinda feel like she would post this purely to get the reaction you gave- you want to buy it! What else would you expect from a woman who tried to trademark her kids name??

    • Linnea


  • sfmom

    For real…I could get her saying that about…for instance…having her baby in private…but for her to run and hide behind “omg can I just live?” about something like her lip-syncing the NATIONAL FREAKING ANTHEM at the inauguration of the POTUS…yeah, I’m calling that a big fat cop out. Surely she couldn’t be that dumb?