‘Bieber Should Take Notes And Cover His A** Crack,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


LMAO… sorry. I’m still cracking up over PITNBR Iris’s comment. OMG, y’all were so out of control this week, it was amazing! This was a big week in music, what with Justin Timberlake putting out a lyric video for Suit & Tie, the [slightly over-crowded] remix to Britney Spears and will.i.am.‘s Scream and Shout, and the upcoming NKOTB/Boyz II Men/98 Degrees tour. But all of that news was made a helluva lot more fun when you guys chimed in! Click inside for just a handful of some of PITNB’s best comments of the week!

PITNBR Iris was, like many of us, loving Justin Timberlake’s lyric video for Suit & Tie, but had me cracking up when she referenced that ridiculous photo the other Justin shared a little while back:

He just shitted on everyone (besides my beloved P!nk, who always comes with hot fiyah.) I LOVE IT!!! Bieber should take notes and cover his ass crack.

PITNBR LJ also weighed in, but thinks Suit & Tie could use a little more Barney:

A song about a suit and tie? I feel Barney from How I Met Your Mother should be singing this!

PITNBR Sandy! had a similar reaction when we saw Jay-Z and JT shooting the video:

This video needs Neil Patrick Harris. Seriously.

PITNBR Matthew is kind of over the pre-video, video though:

First JT and now Usher…

I guess I’m just going to have to get used to singers releasing trailers for their upcoming audio releases in 2013.

JT was more dramatic with it, because he had to wait for the exact right moment when it felt right. Usher’s hair shaving was a nice touch though. They both used black and white film. I’m torn as to which singer had the best trailer.

I wonder if the Grammy’s will create a category for this if it catches on.

PITNBR Dana J is excited about Kick-Ass 2, but also expressed deep concern over the severe lack of Kick-Ass-ness in my life, and it was hilarious:

oh wow Turk is going to be in this (Donald Faison)?? this got a good cast going for this sequel so they better not eff it up with some convoluted storyline. and Shannon you’ve never seen Kick-Ass?!??! ok have you at least seen Scott Pilgrim Vs The World? that will make up for it and don’t lie… we’ll all know if you’re lying :-P

PITNBR Samantha joined in on the ultimate PITNB jam session– Aaliyah’s Throwback Thursday:

ummm 1. I’m still rockin’ the swoop and 2. My high school boyfriend called me BabyGirl. You couldn’t and still can’t tell me that I’m not Aaliyah.

PITNBR emily (a former Connecticut resident) has been really helpful keeping us in the know about the shooting at Sandy Hook. This week we learned that PBS would be showing a series of specials called After Newtown, and emily responded to PITNBR Vicky’s comments about changes in school security in Canada:

@Vicky – I lived next door to Newtown and the students are at my old middle school, Chalk Hill. Coming from the area, I’ve heard so many stories that are devastating, hopeful and everything in between. We will not forget for a very long time, there is a cloud over our area that has not yet lifted.

That said, I did want to address your comment about SH’s risk management program. They did have drills 2x/year on what to do if a gunman entered the school. One teacher locked her children in closets and cabinets, told the shooter her kids were in the gym, and he shot her dead while her students were locked up. Another teacher refused to open her closet with the children, not until police opened it themselves. Lots of stories like that where training certainly played a big role.

And yet this is still so devastating – a school that has the funds, resources and training to prevent such a disaster, and yet the monstrosity still occurred. Leaves so many questions, hurt and anger behind.

Personal note – my 3 cousins all attended that school until this summer, when they moved to another state. Two of them would have been in those exact classrooms that were attacked, my cousins lost several close friends. The whole event, just tragic. I still get upset everyday.
Kudos to PBS for taking a deeper look at the conversation…

 PITNBR Erica Croce weighed in after we found out that Lupe Fiasco was forced off stage after performing a so-called anti-Obama song at an Inauguration concert:

I haven’t watched the video yet…and you know I love me some Lupe.

But, as a profession, I’m also an event planner. So I have NO IDEA how this happened. Who booked Lupe? Did they research who he is and what his songs are about? You can’t tell me that for an inaugural event there aren’t all sorts of crazy checks and balances, pre-approved set lists, etc. I mean, yes, Lupe could have gone off script. But NO ONE from the event knew he’d perform that song?

Someone dropped the ball…and Lupe capitalized. Big time.

PITNBR rOXy had to jump in and defend Britney Spears, after she was spotted out and about in SoCal:

Sorry, but I think you’re making assumptions. How do you know she changed her outfit for the cameras? Perhaps she spilled coffee on the first one. The other things you listed are what normal adults do and aren’t symptoms of being off-balance. I’m not trying to argue, and I’m not in denial, but I think some people are too eager to see her fall and will scrutinize every tiny thing. “See? Hair out of place! Must be off her meds….” That kind of scrutiny is a lot of pressure, so it’s better to give her healthy support instead.

PITNBR apriljan plans to watch the new Coen Brothers movie… for all the right reasons:

I had to do a double take. JT with a beard? I love men with beards! Watching it.

PITNBR Joan put me on to the illest, weirdest, music video after we checked out Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, and Liberty Ross in the very NSFW photo spread from Love Magazine. I had to compose a special warning, just for Kate’s insane pictures:

That was POSSIBLY the best warning ever. LOL! And suddenly Amanda Palmer’s Map of Tasmania is playing in my head.


Special thanks to every single last one of you who shared a comment this week! And PITNBR Thomas, I have big plans to check out La Nuit Américane!




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