Watch: This Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Unites Your Favorite Viral Stars


Super Bowl XLVII is upon us y’all. We’ve seen Beyoncé getting her rehearsal on, and now the first of many, epic Super Bowl commercials has been released. I, for one, definitely plan to watch the game this year 1.) to see if PITNBR nicole’s wishes for an epic Destiny’s Child performance of Lose My Breath goes down, and 2.) to LMAO at all the ridiculous commercials (and also to drive the love of my life cray-cray by asking a million questions ’cause I still don’t “get” football, although I love watching ESPN… shouts-out to Skip and Stephen). Volkswagen has just released this pretty sweet commercial featuring some of your YouTube faves (like the eHarmony cat-lover). I love that some guy  singing a reggae song unites us all in the end, because I recently watched that amazing Bob Marley documentary and yeah. That’s pretty much how it works. Peep the video for more!

  • schmee

    Sorry, not into it. People who behave badly shouldn’t be getting rewarded with a commercial. Adults smashing their golf clubs or their guitar hero games? Cmon.

    • Shannon

      schmee, hmmm. Interesting point. I didn’t see it that way. If anything, I thought most of the behavior was ridiculous, not necessarily bad.

  • emily

    Shannon … Shannon … “some guy singing a reggae song?” Some guy?!? It’s Jimmy Cliff! Jimmy.freaking.Cliff! He’s a godfather in reggae … remember “The Harder they Come” (film and song) … or “I can see clearly now” …. I’ll let this slide just once ’cause I love you so, but my lord … it’s JIMMY CLIFF!! Smooches.

  • emily

    OK, I kind of freaked out on a comment and it got deleted so I’m trying again, apologies if it’s duplicate …

    Shannon! Shannon …. “Some guy singing?” It’s Jimmy Cliff! Jimmy.freaking.Cliff! A godfather of reggae, one of the most famous in the field. Remember “The Harder they Come” (film and song) or “I Can See Clearly Now” … I’m gonna let this slide just once b/c I love you so, but girl … It’s Jimmy Cliff. Smooches.

    • Shannon

      emily, there was so much drama in that first comment it needed approval… LMAO! I had NO clue that was the ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ guy. Don’t tell anyone, okay?

      Luvya ;)

    • emily

      @ Shannon – LOL! I love ya girl, it’s ok. You can’t know about everything that is awesome on the planet all the time.

  • Jay Jay

    I liked it. Actually put a smile on my face and made me happy.