Watch: ‘Downton Abbey’ Gets Turned Into A 16-Bit Video Game For Super Nintendo

The Best Thing Ever
"You must be the new footman"

An industriously clever guy named Bill Kiley at Left Coast Digital in Santa Cruz, CA has come up with a fictional video game version of the hit PBS series Downtown Abbey that might’ve been a hit game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This brilliant video game parody will likely be the most amazing thing you’ll see all day … possibly all weekend. I mean, you simply must watch the video if for the theme song alone. Check out the embed above and imagine what it might’ve been like to play the Downton Abbey for SNES if it existed back in the early 90′s.

OH and if you really love the chippy version of the Downton Abbey theme song, you can download it HERE from the creator himself. PS: Guess what my new ringtone is ;)

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  1. Ana

    Violet Crawley!? WTF!?

  2. Not sure if it’s by the same creator but there’s a really hilarious Game of Thrones ‘game’ like this one College Humour

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