Victoria Beckham Goes Pants-less On The Cover Of ‘Elle’ UK


Yesterday we got to check out some amazing photos from Issue 9 of Love Magazine, and Victoria Beckham was looking pretty bad ass in her shot. Elle France recently blew me away with their gorgeous American Beauty spread featuring Kate Upton, and now Elle UK has Vicki B rocking their cover. Victoria recently covered Elle France, but this time she’s going for the pants-less look. Click inside to check out the cover… and to find out why everyone’s screaming Photoshop Fail!

Victoria Beckham For Elle UK:

So people are complaining about two things here. 1.) Victoria’s arms and the weirdness thereof, and 2.) Victoria’s face… and the weirdness thereof… LOL. Now, I totally see what happened with her arms. She’s doing that cool thing where she’s holding onto one arm with the other, but the jacket’s making it look strange. And as far as her face… well, she does ¬†look a little less like Vicki B and more (as this site pointed out) like¬†Cara Delevingne, who I only just became acquainted with yesterday since she was also in that Love Magazine spread with Victoria. And I totally kept confusing the two, because they look so much alike!

I mean, seriously, if you glance at this photo real quick, it could totally be Victoria Beckham:

But that’s Cara.

What do y’all think of the shoot? Did Elle UK bomb this one? As far as I’m concerned, they just need to tell me where/how to get my hands on that one-piece Vicki’s rocking. And then they need to give me the money with which to buy it. And then we’re good.


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  • rOXy

    VB is so perfect that photoshop will always fail on her. You can’t improve it, so they shouldn’t even try. I think the eyebrows are making her not look like herself. The more natural, less manicured brow is a trend, and I think the photoshop ops were trying to earn their keep and were a little heavy handed with the brush. Agree with you on the arm positioning. No one does pantless like Victoria.

  • kendra

    Bummer about the funky arm thing, but even with a wonky arm she looks damn good! I’m loving the soft long hair on her..The face looks off but it almost seems like she’s puckering her lips or something and that’s what’s doing it..I hate this woman for being able to sleep with my man every night but I love this woman for being so fabulous! Oh the conflicting emotions!

  • Franki

    I just can’t hate on her. I think she looks effin good even with the weird arm; even the jealous twinge of ” I wish I could will look that hott after 4 kids, I started struggling after 1″ subsides pretty quickly!

  • Sam

    She looks like she is trying to hold her severed arm

    • rOXy