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Yesterday turned out to be a fun day even if things didn’t work out exactly as planned. I was hoping to surprise my parents by showing up on their doorstep for my dad’s birthday yesterday but my secret was too good … because I wasn’t able to surprise them at all. Long story short, I spoke with them on the phone to ensure that they would be home for me to pop over and go SURPRISE! But by the time I got there, they had already gone out for the night. HELLO?! How is it that my parents have a more active social life than I do? The plan is to reschedule the surprise for tomorrow instead. Ah well. Last night turned out to be fun, tho. Sarah, Mark and I made our way to my favorite club in the world City Club and we danced our buns off until the wee hours of the morning :D

The theme last night was all 1st Wave dance music … that means there wasn’t a song played that came after 1985 … it was all early 80s punk, new wave, classic alternatieve all night long. Truly, it was the most fun I’d had at City Club in years … like, since I lived here. It was bone-chillingly freezing last night but once the dancing (and drinking) started, we had a blast :)

The plan for today is more lazy, less structured. It’s so cold out, I don’t even want to leave the house. I hope you are having a warm and sunny Saturday :D

  1. emily

    Trent! That’s a crazy story! First Moz canceled on you, then your parents weren’t home … it’s been a rough trip! :o)
    I hope you gave them a great surprise today.

  2. Looks like you were the one who was surprised! Can’t keep up with the folks…love it! Sarah is rocking the red lips and looking fab! She’s gorgeous.

  3. “HELLO?! How is it that my parents have a more active social life than I do?”

    LOL That reminds me of that car commercial when the son comes to visit and the parents sneak out the back:

    Audi TV Commercial – “Parents”

    Or When the one where the daughter thinks her parents have no social life:
    Toyota Venza: “Social Network”

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