First Look: Justin Timberlake And Jay-Z Spotted Shooting The Video For ‘Suit & Tie’!


OMG! Why am I so pumped for this?!?! LOL, okay so Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake were spotted on the set of JT’s forthcoming music video for Suit & Tie, and I am sooo happy right now. We just watched the lyric video, like, five seconds ago and I’m just ready to see what these guys were up to. JT and Jay-Z look like they had so much effing fun on set, and every time I see Jigga Man smile, I just melt/reaaallllyyyy start hating on Beyoncé. Did y’all know that I love Jigga? I friggen looove Jigga. And seeing him on his Suit & Tie ish just made my day, lol. I cannot wait for this video to drop, and considering the way Justin’s been handling his comeback, something tells me I won’t have to wait long! Squeeee! Peep the gallery for more!

Photo Credit: Wenn/Pacific Coast News

  • Whit

    Justin has really gone full-force with this album. Most artists make you wait forever but he’s serious. Though to be fair, we have waited six years so this speedy single, lyric video, video release has been a bit overdue.

  • Alecia

    I agree Whit. He’s definitely not playing but I’m glad . This is going to be great!

  • Sandy!

    This video needs Neil Patrick Harris.

  • Lauri


  • Joan

    My GAWD, Justin’s hair has come a long way.

  • emily

    1) Justin irritates me to no end (I’ve been fine with his 6 years away from music, LOL), but I must give props to his hair stylist for working out those curls
    2) Shannon … Jigga …. he looked GOOOOOD at inauguration day. The suit, the glasses, the tie, the scarf, the unwavering support he gave his wife …

    • Shannon

      emily, LOL! Please believe I have a pic from that day on my Facebook. He really cleans up nice :)