Ben Affleck Is Torn Between Lovers In New Images From ‘To The Wonder’


Last month we got our first look at Terrence Malick’s latest effort, To The Wonder, and I got pretty excited about the trailer. Ben Affleck stars alongside Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, and Olga Kurylenko in this very intense-looking new drama and I cannot wait for it to hit theatres. New images have just been released, so click inside to take a look!

Go In To The Wonder:

Indiewire has the deets:

If there’s anything at all to gather from these new images from Terrence Malick’s “To The Wonder,” it’s this: love is a bummer. And indeed, nothing really ends well for Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams andJavier Bardem in the film, but at least they look pretty damn good.

Five more images from the upcoming movie have arrived, giving yet another tortured look at the cast in some pretty great surroundings. The story chronicles the quick rise and longer fall of a newly married couple (Affleck and Kurylneko), as the woman in the relationship struggles to adjust to life in the United States, after moving from France. McAdams is a former flame who comes briefly back into the picture as a temptation, while Bardem’s role as the priest tackles the larger, spiritual themes at play.

I’m expecting very good things from this one. The cinematography alone looks amazing, but this is a Terrence Malick production, so we might have assumed that.

What do you guys think of the stills? Are you into it? Also, Ben Affleck is kind of on a roll here!



  • sfmom

    Yeah, I will definitely want to see this movie.
    I’m not even really sure how it happened but Ben Affleck has managed to turn himself from “that annoying guy who played Daredevil and dated J-Lo” to…what? I don’t even know. All I know is that in bygone times, his presence in a movie was a big deterrent to me seeing it and now chances are, if he’s involved in a project, I want to see it.
    Also…funny story…my friend ran into him at the Seattle airport a few weeks ago. She said he asked her if the seat at her table (where she was having coffee and holding her 8 month old son) was free. I guess he chatted with her for a few minutes about her “cute baby” and talked about his son. So, being down to earth and nice make him even more attractive. Plus – family men are sexeh. :)