Watch: Usher Shaves His Head In A New Video Titled ‘The Transformation Begins’


Earlier this month we got to see new promo images of Shakira and Usher as the new judges on the fourth season of The Voice, so we know Ursher’s got some things lined up this year. But that still doesn’t quite explain this new video clip that the singer released. In it, Ursher Baby shaves his as-of-late, signature fauxhawk (I’m not gonna lie, that kinda got me amped), ¬†and, as classical music plays in the background, silently declares that some sort of transformation is about to pop off. Some folks are hoping this transformation will entail a return to his R&B roots. I have no clue what’s about to go down; so far 2013 has been full of so many music-related surprises (i.e. Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child), I wouldn’t be surprised if Usher’s planning some kind of takeover as well.

PITNBR blaqfury, any theories?


  • Iris B

    LOL! This reminds me of when I had fights or breakups, the first thing I always went for was to cut my hair. Oooh Usher. David Guetta is finally off the horizon?

  • nicole

    im hoping this means he’s going back to his roots. i mean i’ve liked his newer music but nothing beats an Usher R&B track

  • Matthew

    First JT and now Usher…

    I guess I’m just going to have to get used to singers releasing trailers for their upcoming audio releases in 2013.

    JT was more dramatic with it, because he had to wait for the exact right moment when it felt right. Usher’s hair shaving was a nice touch though. They both used black and white film. I’m torn as to which singer had the best trailer.

    I wonder if the Grammy’s will create a category for this if it catches on.

  • Satty

    Usher hasn’t made good music since confessions. Everything else after was TERRIBLE!!!!

  • blaqfury

    Oh Usher… the one that got away (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…lol) Lurve me some Usher! Conehead and all…lol!
    Anyways I guess he could be shaving off his hair to go back to his roots.. or he could be shaving it to be rid of his past hindrances and is moving forward…Transforming into something new. I’d love for him to go back to his r&b roots (although i find it hard for him to top confessions), but I’m not hating what he’s doing now… Looking for myself, was a good album.
    I’ll support and purchase anything Usher puts out, so I’m probably not the most objective person. lol. Regardless of what the transformation is, I’m stoked! (goes to load My Way and 8701 onto my playlist)

  • WTF?

    “Shaves His Head”? What dictionary do you guys use? Or did I not watch the same video you did? Cutting his hair slightly shorter with a clipper, maybe… I KNOW: I’m overreacting to your complete overreaction

  • Stephanie

    Usher needs to get over himself. Unless he’s transforming himself into Britney, I’m not interested, because to quote Queen B herself: ‘people shave their heads all the time’.