The Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival Reveals Its 2013 Line-Up


So … it looks like this year will FINALLY be the year that I actually attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival … and I’m not really all that excited about it. I thought I was going to go last year when it was rumored that Trent Reznor’s new band How to Destroy Angels would be performing but when HDTA did not appear on the line-up, I sold my ticket and opted out. Late yesterday, Coachella released the official line-up for this year’s fest and How to Destroy Angels is on the bill … therefore, I will be there to see the band perform their first live performance in person. I’m not exactly sure if I’m going to attend all 3 days of the fest or just 1 day but … I’ll be there. Yep. I’m almost certain.

Do not get me wrong, this year’s Coachella line-up (like all of the previous Coachella line-ups) is full of amazing bands that I would LOVE to see live. The problem for me is that I hate festivals, particularly the ones that take place under the blistering desert sun. The heat, the crowds, the overpriced EVERYTHING … ugh, none of it appeals to me. That said, you may recall that the Hologram Tupac that performed at Coachella last year made a big splash … and stuff like that you can only see live in person by going to the festival. But I simply must see How to Destroy Angels play their first live show so … into the desert I will go. In all honesty, I may only go for one day to see HTDA but it’s possible I’ll stay for all 3 days. I’d love to see Tegan & Sara, The xx, Stone Roses, New Order, The Faint, Wu-Tang Clan and more but … we’ll see.

Are any of y’all excited by this year’s Coachella line-up? Are any of y’all going?


  • Lauri

    I would give the tip of my right pinky to go…but this year is not my time.

    I would super suggest seeing the Chili Peppers if you haven’t. I saw them a few months back at an arena venue, and it was amazing. I’m totally betting that they would be even better at a festival.

  • MJ

    Oh, enjoy. I recommend checking out Of Monsters and Men as well as The Lumineers.

  • EE

    I recommend Of monsters and men. They are a band from Iceland with great energy and fun music :)

  • apriljan

    Trent I’m going!! Which weekend? I would definitely suggest Tame Impala, Metric and Beach House. Amazing. This set is pretty amazing.

  • Jstar

    I recommend :Pretty Lights, Dead can Dance, Bassnectar, and Passion pit.
    p.s. saw the chili peppers back in the day (1992)…highly recommend seeing them!

  • Nellstar

    TRENT!! Check your twitter. Mariqueen stated that they would be making their debut at Coachella.

  • kendra

    I’d basically only go for Blur, but I’ve been to so many years of this festival and am completely over it..To see Blur, I’d have to stake out my spot at their stage and stay there all day so have a decent view..It’s just not worth it..I’ll just hope that they’ll stream their set..If not, I’ll just relive the other times I’ve seen Blur live in much smaller venues with air conditioning.. ;)