Morrissey Is A Heartbreaker


So … remember how excited I was to see Morrissey in concert yesterday? So excited that I blogged about it twice?! Yeah, well, the show never happened because Moz decided to cancel the concert almost at the last minute. From what I understand, Morrissey has an infamous track record of canceling shows like this at the last minute but in all the years I’ve seen him, I’ve never been canceled on … until now :(

I guess I should be happy that the show got canceled before Sarah and I started on our 1 1/2 drive up North to Flint, MI but … I was pretty bummed last night. In order to cheer me up, Sarah suggested we go to my fave sushi place in the world and off to Little Tree in Royal Oak, MI we went. Yes, dinner was great. Afterward we went to The Living Room in Berkley, MI for drinks and well … the night didn’t turn out so bad.

At least I still HOPE to see Morrissey in concert when he comes to LA on March 1 so … let’s keep those fingers crossed, shall we?

Today is my dad’s birthday so I’m planning on spending some time with my parents … later on, Sarah, Mark and I are going DANCING at City Club. The snow started falling here in Detroit so keep a good warm thought for me, ok? Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!!

  • emily’T! I’m surprised you don’t have harsher words for the Moz. Disappointing your fans is not a good look.

  • MJ

    Trent, you’re far too kind. Cancelling a show because you’re ill or have a family emergency? Completely understandable. But cancelling just because? That’s just a shitty thing to do to your fans! :/

  • apriljan

    Bummer. He did that to me in San Francisco. Not surprised though.

  • Meghan

    Ugh…sorry, Trent. Morrissey is a twat.

  • Lisa L.Cooper

    I read on MSN that he cancelled because his entire band is sick. Kind of hard to have a show with no band. He cancelled some other dates too. and why I am defending Morrisey I don’t know I kind of hate him

  • Leeann Loftus Little

    He walked out of a concert in Cincinnati in 1990-1991(?) because the “security was too tight”. Crushed the 19 year old me.

  • Keegan

    A positive way to look at it? Now you’ve had the full Morrissey experience!

  • Brianna

    Yeah, cancelled the Chicago show for Saturday too. And like you, I am glad I found out before making the 5 hour trek north. Still – man is notorious for the postponements. The Chicago show tomorrow was actually a makeup for a cancelled show from October.

    So dear Morrissey – please, please, please, let me get what I want – which is just to get to see your fabulous coif and hear your aching vocals another time.

  • Isabelle

    I just read he had been hospitalized, maybe for a super duper bladder infection. I must sympathize with the man, here.