First Look: New Promo Photos For ‘Mad Men’ Season Six Have Been Released


Just the other day AMC announced that the sixth season of their critically-acclaimed series Mad Men will premiere on April 7. I’m still making my way through the first few seasons on Netflix, so I’m a new fan. But I’m definitely excited for the season premiere! Some fabulous new black and white promo images have been released and things are looking very official. Click inside to check out Don, Peggy, Betty, and the rest of the gang!

Get Psyched For Mad Men Season Six:

Starpulse has some deets for all the folks (like me) who’ve got some catching up to do:

April 7 seems like a life time away at this point – so don’t forget to catch up on AMC On Demand beginning February 11, with season five episodes rolling out each week up to the season six premiere. Viewers can also set their DVR every Sunday morning beginning at 6:00am ET/PT to catch up on past “Mad Men” episodes, including season five, which begins airing March 3, leading up to the season six premiere.

I know some people have mentioned that some of the seasons fell off over time, but I’m only midway through Season 2 so I’m still in love. Are y’all excited for the new season?



  • Lauri

    Some of the last couple of seasons have been hit or miss with some episodes..but the misses weren’t even *that* bad. So excited for the new season, and these photos are GREAT. Ahhh!

  • fab4runner

    Loooooove Mad Men! I am a fan of all of the seasons and haven’t really felt let down at all. I am also not someone who expects every single episode of a show to be super amazing and incredible, though.

    Love these pictures. Sigh. Don Draper.

  • Niki

    I personally love all of the seasons. I don’t think it fell at all. Enjoy

  • Krissy

    I think a lot of people didn’t like a new character…but sometimes you need those characters in order to drive new action. Conflict drives drama, and you can’t really have that without someone who pushes buttons.

    I have loved all of the Mad Men seasons. I adore the way they take their time, frame their shots, and say so much in between the lines. Their style is very powerful to me.

  • Shannon

    Okay, now y’all all are gonna have me glued to Netflix for the next 3-5 days, lol. THANKS :)

  • JCZ

    Just throwing it out there, Lana Del Rey NEEDS to do a cameo on this show. Maybe as a singer in a bar or something if she can’t act. But seriously, make it happen!

  • Andrea

    Betty is skinny again!!