Sean Patrick Flanery Joins The Cast Of ‘Dexter’ Season 8


Actor Sean Patrick Flanery, prolly best known for his lead role on the 1992 series The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones and films like The Boondock Saints and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, will be joining the upcoming season 8 cast of Dexter when the series returns to Showtime this June. Altho we don’t yet know for sure if season 8 of Dexter will be the last (tho, it’s likely), we do learn today that Flanery will play a “major recurring role” in the upcoming season. Deadline reports that Flanery will play a detective named Jacob Elroy … but will he be Team Dexter or Team Gonna Get Killed for Messing with Dexter. HMMM.

Sean Patrick Flanery has been tapped for a major recurring role on the upcoming eighth season of Showtime‘s hit serial killer drama Dexter. He will play Jacob Elroy, the ex-cop owner of a private investigation company in Miami. Earlier this month, Showtime’s entertainment president David Nevins would not say whether Dexter‘s upcoming eighth season would be its last as had been widely expected before the veteran found creative rejuvenation and hit ratings highs in Season 7. “I think I will clarify before Dexter goes on the air for this next season (in June),” Nevins said. “There’s a clear end game in place.” It is unclear whether the Elroy character would be part of that end game.

I can’t speak to Flanery’s most recent film work but I did love him as Indiana Jones in the Adventures TV series back in the early 90’s. That said, I did think he did a decent job as Sam on the daytime drama The Young and the Restless back in 2011 but I’m not sure soap opera acting is a real barometer for serious acting prowess. I’m really looking forward to Dexter Season 8 and I can see how SPF might be an excellent addition to the cast. Since the show will return to air 3 monts sooner than usual, we should be seeing photos from filming production much earlier in the year. Hopefully we’ll get to see a photo of Sean Patrick Flanery and Michael C. Hall working together soon :) Any SPF fans out there? Does this sound like good news to you?


  • JeniLeeSK8

    He was great in Boondock Saints!

  • janaegal

    He was just delicious in Boondock Saints! I’m really, really, reeeallly hoping that this season will be a return to the better Dexter(season 4-ish). No more huge plot holes and relaying on LOTS of suspension of belief tactics.

  • t*

    Just about to finish season 5… still have so much to go before season 8! Ekk

  • Pris

    eeeek!!! cant wait!! hopefullt he will be TEAM DEXTER but i doubt it :( i think powder would be what he is best known for….

    i love that he will get his name out there again. if only they would bring him onto the walking dead so him and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) could do a little reunion!!

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Is it bad that the first thing I recognize him from is that, um, interesting movie he starred in with Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Simply Irresistible”??