Morrissey In Michigan


So … I have arrived in Michigan safe and sound and altho the weather here is FREEEEEEZING, I’m going to do my best to refrain from spending too much time complaining about it. I mean, even tho the wind chill factor when I arrived was 3 degrees, there’s no reason for me to go on and on and on about how COLD it is here, right? Right! Instead, I plan to focus on the fun stuff going on here in the Detroit area. Tonight, Sarah and I are trekking up to Flint, MI to see Morrissey live in concert. As I mentioned previously, tonight’s Moz show will be my first of 2013 … and I couldn’t be MORE excited!

I only found out that Moz would be playing a show in Michigan during my visit a couple of weeks ago so tonight’s concert is a nice surprise. Sarah has never seen him in concert and admittedly doesn’t know his music very well but I’m sure she’ll have a blast. I don’t even know anymore how many times I’ve seen the man in concert but I have never NOT had a great time.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday so I’ll be surprising him then I believe we are going out on the town. The rest of the weekend has yet to be planned but I’m sure we’ll come up with something fun to do whilst I’m here in D-town. I hope it is warm and sunny where you are today! Happy Thursday!!

  • Sam

    I wish it was 3 degrees here in Montreal. The wind chill just brought down our weather to -30 degrees (Fahrenheit, I might add). The past couple of days have been absolutely freezing.

  • janaegal

    Oooh, i feel your pain. I mean, I am FREEZING in this 62 degree weather in Orange County. I had to actually wear a cardigan outside today! So rough. ;)

  • Stevo

    bring me back a T-shirt ? medium, make it sexy !!

  • Tania Quinn

    I moved to Michigan from Massachusetts last May. I didn’t realize Michigan weather is a lot like New England weather. A couple of weekends ago it was 60 degrees and today it’s in the single digits. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t move to a warmer state. lol.

  • Zanne

    Why didn’t you move to a warmer state, Tania? B/c then you’d have to deal w/ a state government full of Tea Party whackos! The weather here in SC today is a balmy 46 but the politicians (and most of the constituents) are as crazy as outhouse rats! ;)

  • Ashley Harmon

    He cancelled the show!!!! For the second time. Ugh.

  • tobi

    The Moz devastates his fans in his path of rightousness. Not for the last time…suckers…

  • tobi

    Almost got excited about Morrissey’s 2013 tour but realized as an Oakland,Ca resident for 20 years that he would cancel (heart broken twice due to “illness” but later found out he would rather intoxicate himself in a club in SF, ca). I just could not gamble the airfare, knowing, Morrissey would cancel @ the last minute (due to “illness”. I wish you the best of health & I love your prose, but will reserve myself to your old vinyl and not invest in your appearances. You’re a heart breaker and a liar…still have a piece of my heart,tho…forever..

    • @tobi — Okaaaaaaay then.