Here Are 15 Reasons Why A New Aaliyah Album Would Be Awesome, But Somewhat Unnecessary

'Throwback Thursdays,' Baby Girl Style

Last week we had our first installment of Throwback Thursdays, and it was a total blast. We celebrated the return of Destiny’s Child with some of their biggest hits, and a few days later we got some new Kelly Rowland music. We also recently got new music from Aaliyah, and I was reminded of a post I’d planned to write ages ago when we first started hearing rumors (conflicting and otherwise) about the new Aaliyah project. When we counted down some of Mariah Carey’s greatest hip-hop hits, I asked PITNBR nicole (who is, like, a super-fan to no end) to help me out with a similar post for Aaliyah.  Like most fans of her music, I love hearing the previously unreleased songs, and I even liked that track with Drakebut I love, love, love having an excuse to go back and listen to the throwback jams. And when Solange covered that Nicole Wray song earlier this week I said it was def time to re-live and re-lurve the days when Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and Aaliyah ruled the world, so let’s get to it! Click inside to celebrate the very best of the late, great Baby Girl!

15 Reasons Why A New Aaliyah Album Would Be Awesome, But Somewhat Unnecessary

1. Seriously? I was in the 6th grade when this dropped and since then I’ve had a ginormous ego problem. Is it just me, or does this song make everyone feel like the baddest bitch in the world? And it also makes me feel like I can totally sing, which is hilarious. No. I liiiive for this song! And I love that everybody and their Mama is in this video– Lil’ Kim, 702, Aaliyah‘s brother. Where the hell was I??? Yeah. Sitting in my 6th grade classroom, singing this song, totally confident in my own, non-existent sexuality. Wait… what? Don’t mind me; the nostalgia’s kickin’ in! I love Throwback Thursdays! And true story/sidenote– this song is so amazing that when I asked PITNBR nicole to give me her top Aaliyah songs she accidentally wrote this one down twice… but it wasn’t an accident. Because once is never enough:


2. Ugh. I can’t stand when people say this ’cause it’s so cliche, but damn! They don’t make music like this no more!!! LOL. No, but they don’t:


3. Nobody talk to me. I’m lit’rally back in middle school, pretending I can actually go over my boyfriend’s house… and that I’m actually allowed to have boyfriends:


4. Lessons learned from this video– 1.) learn to levitate with ginormous headphones on, 2.) friggen learn to do smokey-eye, for the love of all things good and beautiful, 3.) become a snake charmer in the next life, 4.) learn to write lyrics like If you had let me know, I wouldnt’a put on my clothes, and finally 5.) try that multi-lip color thing, like, one time.


5. Okay, this is awkward… but I gotsta keep it real (PITNBR Erica Croce, you probably know where I’m going with this). When this video first dropped, I kinda had to declare war on Aaliyah! She was all up in a video with the man who I was currently dating… in my head. Effing DMX! And they looked so friggen cute together! So I lit’rally refused to watch the video for a wicked long time. And then when I did watch, it I was still hating like cray. To be honest, I’m still a little raw to this day (that she basically stole my man or whatever), but at least I can watch it now without wanting to bring her on Jerry. Wait, yeah no. I’m still angry. I just watched it again and saw her mouth the word Ayo at the beginning. NO. That’s MY line, Aaliyah. Ugh. Okay:


Aaliyah Reigns! And the countdown continues on the next page :)

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  1. haha! the songs so nice, you need to hear it twice ;)
    i can’t lie, i’ve been waiting for this list. i’ve been dying in bed sick so this totally just made my day. i dont care what anyone says, Aaliyah’s music will forever be timeless. *sigh* what could have been. R.I.P BabyGirl

  2. i seriously love you for this list Shannon!

  3. JM

    Needed this today… And, where is 4 page letter?! That was my jaaaaaam.

  4. Samantha

    ummm 1. I’m still rockin’ the swoop and 2. My high school boyfriend called me BabyGirl. You couldn’t and still can’t tell me that I’m not Aaliyah.

  5. Seriously we just went back in time together (and I now realize we are probably the same age :) )
    Thank you for the BEST THROWBACK THURSDAY!

  6. This is the best countdown… Ever!

  7. miguel

    The sad thing is her label is in such a financial crisis that they can’t even properly release an album…which is sad, because a lot of her unreleased material(that I assume) which was meant to be out on this upcoming posthumous album is leaking.

    I didn’t get to truly savor Aaliyah, as I was all into Britney, but getting to see/listen to her is pretty amazing, and just proves that had she still been here, she would have gone to do great things.

  8. Natalie

    sigh…I LOVE Aaliyah! Was so upset then, still am….
    My favourites included “Don’t Know What To Tell Ya”, and “I Care 4 U”!

  9. Maddy

    There was a time when I watched “We Need a Resolution” about 15 times in a row on youtube just coz it’s that amazing…. i think I’m gonna have a repeat of that right now ;)

  10. I heart this so much! It does make you think of what could have been.

  11. Christina

    ” If your 11th grade Talent Show didn’t feature a super-flexible, super-out-of-the-closet guy named Franklin dancing to this song, then you don’t fully understand the importance of More Than A Woman… LMAO.”
    I about died when I read that line! This was incredible and brought back so many memories, since it sounds like we are the same age. I am from Detroit, so everybody was claiming Aaliyah at all times! I cannot tell you how much of middle school was spent hearing about someone who knew someone who knew Aaliyah and the extent of her relationship with R. Kelly. Those were the days!

  12. Minky

    Ah, this made my Sunday evening!

  13. Burnt Orange

    It’s great to see some positivity around Aaliyah once again! Since we need a resolution,my favorite animal is snake! ‘m naturally loud but I always used to try to copy her breathy way of talking. lol. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

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