First Look: The First Footage From The Steve Jobs Biopic ‘jOBS’ Has Been Released


At the start of the month we learned that the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic titled jOBS, starring Ashton Kutcher as the man himself, is set for release in April. Today we learn that the film will open on April 19 AND we get our first look at the first footage from the film. Thus far we’ve only seen photos of Kutcher as Jobs, now at last we get to see him in action. Check out the embed above and see what you think. Yes, it’s a short clip but … scathing judgments have been made with much less so … what do y’all think?

  • Shannon

    Hmm, he still sounds very Ashton-y, but I guess that makes sense. Still, this scene looks interesting! Love this whole craazyyy concept of a world before computers, lol. I’m in :)

  • emily

    I want to like it … I want to like it b/c I really liked the book and I think it’s a great story to tell. I want to like it, and I want to like Ashton in it, but all I can hear is Kelso. As Shannon says, “Ashton-y” … I feel like I’m watching Ashton acting, and that’s disappointing. The best biopics happen when you forget you’re watching an actor and you get caught up in the story of someone’s life. I see Ashton, acting like Ashton. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Chuck

    I agree, you can tell he’s acting, however, it’s not as bad as in previous films like The Butterfly Effect or The Guardian. In those films he was being “serious” yet he came off as incredibly hilarious. Perhaps those acting classes Demi got him are slowly paying off. Keep at it Ashton, you’ve got a long way to go before you’re taken seriously.