David Beckham Bodywear By H&M Releases A Fashionable New ‘Dressing Gown’


I’ve got some great news for fans of the David Beckham Bodywear collection at H&M! Our dear Becks has added a NEW item to the collection … a sexy Dressing Gown as it is called in the UK, apparently, we here in the States just call it a robe. But, I have some bad news for fans of the David Beckham Bodywear collection who live here in the US … this Dressing Gown/Robe is only available in the UK and is NOT being sold Stateside. Alas. Click below to see what this unattainable piece of clothing looks like as worn by David Beckham and lust after it with me, ok?

David Beckham Bodywear. Hooded dressing gown in sweatshirt fabric with a tie around the waist, a button at the top, side pockets and ribbed cuffs.

See, I don’t wear robes … but I do like to wear hoodies around the house. This “dressing gown” is basically a fancy hoody that looks perfect for lounging around at home. And while I know I won’t look exactly like Becks while wearing it, it still appeals to me … tho, I’m not sure if I want this robe more because it’s unavailable here in the US or I actually really like the way it looks. In any event, there is no question that I like the way it looks on Becks so … even if we here in the US cannot indulge in obtaining this dressing gown, we can at least indulge in its marketing.

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  • kendra

    It’s not geared towards me, but I’d buy it just for the packaging..Woooot! I actually bought the lounge pants for my son and he’s obsessed..I was hoping he’d want some of the underwear so that I could keep the aforementioned packaging, but he didn’t dig the material..Turd..

  • Sarah

    Trent, if you have any friends in the U.K maybe they can send one over to you? I get my friends in the U.S to send me stuff over to the U.K :)

  • Sissydude

    We have them in Canada too!

  • rOXy

    Oyp. That man just gets hotter. I love the styling of the dressing gown, and I’d could definitely see buying this for the men in my life. :)

  • Ryan

    I live in NY and I’ve seen the robe, It’s just hard to find. There’s 4 H&M’s I go to, two in my city and two about 20-30 mins away, and only one of them carries it (which is the one in my city.)

    You just have to venture out if you really want it!

    I’m such a huge fan of the DB Bodywear, but for $70, I’ll just wait for it to go on sale, like the long johns (which I got for $10 instead of $30) :)

    • @Ryan — !!!! I’m gonna start looking, thanks !!!!