‘Birth Control On The Bottom Yogurt’ Is Not A Real Thing, But This Fake Commercial Rules


Y’all. Two amazing things happened to me during my two days off. Well, actually, lots of amazing things happened but I’m gonna share the two biggies. 1.) This ridiculously awesome fake commercial for Dannon’s Birth Control On The Bottom yogurt (starring Retta fromĀ Parks and Recreation, Megan Amram, and a host of other hilarious people) 2.) the STFU Parents blog. Both had me LMAO to no end, and both use humor to challenge and highlight the madness that is this beautiful and occasionally deranged world we live in. But seriously. This commercial is everything! If you’ve ever wished for a cool new way to take your birth control, and/or if you’ve ever wondered why the hell every commercial tries soooo hard to show how diverse, multi-cultural, and open-minded America is, then yeah. Please watch now. You will love, I promise! Oh, and hai Weird Al! Also, if you liked the video, follow the writer Megan Amram, on
Twitter. She rules. Clearly.



  • AwesomeMargie

    No joke but, I just remembered I forgot to take my birth control this morning. Damnit.

    Thanks, Obama.

  • Lauri

    I didn’t know STFU, Parents existed until just now.
    I’d like to thank you for sharing…and for not posting pics of your kid’s poop?

    • AwesomeMargie

      Pics of the placenta are scaring me. Well, scarring me as well. :(

    • Shannon

      Lauri, you’re welcome… and… you’re welcome? LMAO. I’d never been there either and once I found it, I was lost in a vortex of madness. Loved it!

  • ClaireMichelle

    This is amazing. Also, Retta rules.