Newly Single Britney Spears Out & About


A little over a week ago we learned that our dear Britney Spears ended her relationship with her fiancĂ©e Jason Trawick and since then, she’s managed to keep a relatively low profile. Today we get to see photos of Brit Brit out and about in SoCal this week lookin’ fresh-faced … even if her hair’do leaves much to be desired. Britney was spotted with a new bodyguard, so it’s possible that she’s also parted ways with her longtime bodyguard as well so … it looks like 2013 will be a whole NEW year for our dear Britney.

I do love my girl, you know this, but I’m SO not loving whatever it is she did to her hair. That being said, she’s lookin’ well. I’m guessing her break-up with Jason isn’t really devastating for her … otherwise she’d prolly still be at home with some Ben & Jerry’s. Break-ups happen for all sorts of reasons, hopefully this split will be the best for her. Keep smiling, Britney! Do your thing.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Krissy

    The thought of Trent and Britney bitchin’ about their former loves over some ice cream brings a smile to my face. Make it happen! :)

    • Vicky

      Aww… honestly the thought of that really makes me smile. I honestly think Brit would be fun to hang out with and Trent… well anyone who has ever read this blog would die to hang out with him!

  • nicole

    if thats the vanilla chai or mocha bolthouse drink in her hand…then me and britney might be bff’s..who knew?
    but lordy..i cant ignore that hair. i just cant. what the what is going on there?

  • Jess

    I kinda love that she changed her top but did nothing at all about that atrocious hair :)

  • Alex

    I totally read “New single from Britney Spears is out”! LOL! Wishful thinking at its best…

  • ClaireMichelle

    I don’t hate the hair from the angle in the second pic so there is that! Haha. But I really love her whole outfit. She looks great, hair aside. Ugh, love her!

  • Dean S

    Her hair has definitely been worse, keep smilin’ Brit!

    • @Dean S — Yes, true.

  • rOXy

    I am glad to see her out and about. She looks good! Healthy, put together. Her hair looks bad because it’s been bleached to within an inch of its life, and weaves are so hard your hair they end up doing more harm than good. I wish she’d let a master stylist cut it fashionably short so she could regrow it in a healthy way. I think a toned down golden blonde would not only look better, but be healthier for her. Her tresses are in distress!

  • Lori

    she’s showing all the signs of her crazy days tho.
    changing outfits for paps, coffee runs, mondrian hotel, driving herself all around town…..

    • rOXy

      Sorry, but I think you’re making assumptions. How do you know she changed her outfit for the cameras? Perhaps she spilled coffee on the first one. The other things you listed are what normal adults do and aren’t symptoms of being off-balance. I’m not trying to argue, and I’m not in denial, but I think some people are too eager to see her fall and will scrutinize every tiny thing. “See? Hair out of place! Must be off her meds….” That kind of scrutiny is a lot of pressure, so it’s better to give her healthy support instead.

    • Fabebby1122

      Roxy, Thank You for being educated enough to know that Britney is not “being crazy” she seems to be normal…people just want her to fail! Jason was an idiot!!!!!! People want her to be sad over him and shes not! She is rocking nice cute outfits, and I think the reason she changed was because that top was shown and most fans knew it….Lori, quit being a BITCH!

    • @Lori — Are you kidding? The woman goes out for coffee and shopping and suddenly she’s crazy? LOL.

    • emily

      If you believe what Lainey writes, I’m kind of on board with Lori … Brit’s had an unstable past and she’s mimicking a lot of the same behavior again. I hope it’s wrong, but I’m kind of team Lori and Lainey on this one:

    • @emily — I am not on that team. Let’s just hope that I’m right.

    • emily

      I hope so too Trent!

  • Adrz

    She looks really good! I’m so glad she isn’t letting the breakup affect her in a negative way.

  • Adrz

    It cut off my part about Edan still being on her security team. I just wanted to add that to my comment! lol