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The sunny warm SoCal weather has FINALLY returned to LA and I couldn’t be happier. Because I’m flying out to Detroit for the rest of the week tomorrow, I’m hoping to soak up as much sun as I can before I land in the freezing cold temps of Michigan tomorrow night. I managed to get out of the house a bit yesterday to enjoy the warmth and met up with Steph and Alek for dinner last night. On their suggestion, we went to Fat Cow at The Grove since I had never been before and OMG, was it amazing! See, as much as I love the Frenchies for their camaraderie, I really love them for their restaurant recommendations ;)

For dinner, I supped on a half lobster and a pile of straw fries with a side of hazel nut brussels sprouts. OMG. You don’t even know. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOOOOOOOOOW! I pretty much ate until I couldn’t eat anymore … and then I took a few bits of S&A’s toffee caramel pudding cake. Lord have mercy.

I think today I’m meeting up with Darion to see a movie but I have a few things to take care of first before my flight tomorrow. The sun is out so I’m gonna get out and enjoy it as quickly as possible.

  1. Karen

    Toffee caramel pudding cake. Toffee caramel pudding cake??!!!

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