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Yesterday was a very nice, very active day for me. I had a few errands to take care and I got to hang out with some peeps and spent most of my day driving around LA but because the weather was so beautiful, it was a pleasure to be out and about yesterday. For the early part of the day, I hung our with my Frenchie Steph as we hit up a few shops here in LA. For the latter part of the day, I made the trek down to Manhattan Beach to spend some time with Josh and Emma as he continues his recuperation from his collar bone injury. ‘Twas a very nice day, indeed.

Steph took me to a few shops around LA that are filled with one-of-a-kind crazy stuff … like that life-size Han Solo in Carbonite staute above. No, I didn’t buy it even tho Steph tried to talk me into buying it ;) As I redecorate, I am focusing on more vintagey classic stuff for my home:

I picked up these two photographs, one for the living room and one for my bedroom. The boxer photo is life-size, it’s huge. The surfers are now hanging over my fireplace. I am really loving my home now :)

After my day with Steph, I hung out for a bit with Josh and Emma. Josh looks and sounds much better but the poor guy is still laid up in bed. We watched a movie together and just hung out.

Earlier this morning, I happily watched Barack Obama get sworn in for his second term as President:

The invite above is one of those mailings that donors get in the mail for the PUBLIC ceremonies in DC, it is not an engraved invitation for anything official. Tho, back when President Clinton got re-elected while I was in college, I did get a real invite to the inauguration for my work with the State Democratic Party of Oklahoma … alas, I wasn’t able to attend but my parents have the invite framed on their wall :)

Today looks to be a quiet day since it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so … we’ll see how much of anything I get done today. Happy Monday!

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  • Karen

    As a surfer, I love that photo! Makes me want to get out on the water.
    And as a currently injured person who can’t do anything but lie around and watch movies, I relate to Josh… sigh.


    Even though it sucks about your break-up ( I am sorry I don’t mean to bring it up)
    Doesn’t it feel good to decorate your place with your style and taste and not have to hold back or compromise(I know from experience)

  • blaqfury

    As I slightly curse you for having nice warm weather (I really gotta get out of the Northeast…lol), I am so happy that you are moving forward. I really like the surfer pic! Good choice!