Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Collusion,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


Before we get to the recap, can I just vent about the ABC website for two seconds? Okay, here’s my recap process. I watch Revenge and Scandal when they air at night and take notes. The next day I go to the ABC site and watch the episode all over again, so I can catch whatever I might have missed (like exact quotes from Nolan), officially pick my top 5 moments, and– most importantly– get my damn screen shots! Last week ABC’s site was all jacked up and I couldn’t get my Scandal screen shots, but I survived (barely), and now this week ish still ain’t right! Agh! Vent complete. Ready to recap… sans awesome screen shots. Whatever. Inside!

Now this was a good episode, IMO. We got a lot of questions answered, a lot of tension was in the air, and Victoria almost got taken out. All good things, lol. ‘Emily’ and Daniel continued to be really awkward, what with their faking-up all while Aiden was lurking around every corner. I’m actually starting to get into the bar story now that Conrad’s made it his political business to keep Jack out of jail. I also really like that, as we might have expected, he ends up basically striking a deal with that awful Ryan brother (Nate), so he can get control of the Stowaway. Now ish is starting to heat up, lol.

And finally, we got to meet Colleen– the only other woman that makes Aiden all crazy behind the eyes. And yeah, it was awkward. Now that Aiden’s gone after her, I’m really curious to see how that storyline’s gonna pan out.

I think some of my favorite parts of this episode were the scenes between Padma and Nolan. I’m SO effing glad he’s onto her, and he’s not gonna let her play him out like that, lol. Interestingly enough, we also got the sense that Padma has her own reasons for being indebted to The Initiative. Kinda made me feel like maybe, possibly she’s not allll bad? We’ll have to see about that, though. She is messing with our boo ;)

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 12: Collusion

1. ‘Emily’ Should Strongly Consider Just Having ONE Boyfriend, ‘Cause Now I’m Confused

So here’s another reason I’m mad at ABC. We had an issue with our DVR because at the last minute we realized that I was recording the maximim of two shows at the same time (Revenge… and another show I’m not allowed to talk about on here… lol) and there was, like, some sort of really important football game on or whatever (lol). Anyway, I ended up missing the opening scene!But I read that ‘Emily’ had some super-creepy sex dream that involved an Aiden/Daniel combo platter hybrid thing and yeah. I’ll never forgive ABC for being the reason that I can’t get a screenshot of that ish!!! But whatever. The point is, ‘Emily’ needs to stop being greedy! I believe she really does enjoy Daniel’s attention, even as she plays coy with him (at least when it comes to getting it on and poppin’). But, really? Who wouldn’t? Homeboy scooped her up and took her to the West Coast for some damn oysters, lol! I love it. But I really do think it’s all ultimately clouding her judgement. Notice how she keeps resisting Aiden’s other plan, which would relieve her of her faking-up with Daniel duties? Yeah, she’s enjoying this game. And when she confessed to Daniel at the end of the episode (about being involved because of Victoria) I think that only made him trust her more.

Quote It: I guess I just really wanted to see him win. (‘Emily’ to Victoria, RE: Daniel)

2. Victoria Gets Some

One of my first LOL moments of this episode surprisingly came from Ashley Smashley. She popped up in front of Victoria, as Conrad’s newly re-hired assistant and she had no shame! When she commented on the fact that Victoria was clearly not getting any (and therefore hating) Victoria did what any woman would have done, having come face-to-face with her own sexual frustration; she went and got some, lol! I mean technically, she went to push Prosser/Sean McNamara towards that Stonehaven deal… and then she got it on and poppin’ with him. Ultimately though, it was all pretty much in vain, as she’d hoped to ensure his success, but Daniel, ‘Emily’, and Nolan got enough dirt on him and he was out of the running.

Quote It: Spoken like a woman that no one’s sleeping with. (Ashley Smashley to Victoria)
Say yes, and I’ll buy you a house. (‘Emily’s text to Nolan)

3. Padma + The Initiative + Carrion = Possible Total Blackout

Hmmmm, I gotta see this Carrion thing in action, lol. So, Nolan caught on to Padma’s grimey-ness pretty quickly, which is def a good thing. While they were getting all cutesy with the house/mansion-hunting business (gosh, don’t you just haaaate how much money these people have?!) she accidentally let it slip that she knew exactly what Carrion was. Yeah, Padma. You just effed up your whole life. And I can’t wait to see 1.) why she owes The Initiative this favor anyway, and 2.) how Nolan (and ‘Emily’ maybe, hopefully) plan to get back at her. As of right now she currently has a phony Carrion program (or at least, the unfinished product) so there’ll be that to deal with. Even so, is it bad that I kinda wanna see what happens if and when Carrion pops off and Manhattan goes dark? WTF is The Initiative planning to do when the lights go out???

4. Charlotte Goes Clarke

Okay, so Charlotte’s been kinda meh lately. However, I loved how she celebrated her 18th birthday! I always say that the Graysons have never really, really paid for anything they’ve done. Not only that, but everyone always seems to bow to them still! It’s so annoying! When Charlotte announced that she was changing her last name to Clarke, I was kinda like F—Yeah! And ‘Emily’ was sooo pumped too; I thought it was a really sweet moment. I’m hoping that this becomes a greater issue as the season progresses. What does it mean that ‘Emily’ has another Clarke who’s really down to rep for the family name?

5. Someone Finally Went Off On ‘Emily’ And It Was Kinda Cool

Was anybody else kinda mad at ‘Emily’ for saving Victoria from the wrath of Aiden?! No really. Was anybody else REALLY, REALLY mad at ‘Emily’ for saving Victoria from the wrath of Aiden?! LOL… No, but seriously. I was legit like Oh hellllll nawl when she showed up just in time to stop Aiden from doing completing his assignment from The Initiative. Man, if that had been Huck from Scandal, Vicki would be DUNZO! But it was Aiden… and I was really annoyed when ‘Emily’ got involved. At the same time, I don’t really want Victoria gone, and I understand that ‘Emily’ never wants anyone to actually die. Or maybe it’s like Aiden said, and she wants to be the one exacting revenge. I dunno. But when Aiden showed up at the end of the episode with the new video of Colleen being forced to OD because he’d failed, I was kinda glad that he went off on ‘Emily’. Maybe he was wrong, but it felt so right, lol.

Quote It: Kill Victoria Grayson. You have 24 hours.

Okay, what’d y’all think of this episode? Is Colleen really DUNZO? And now that Aiden’s seemingly gone… does that make ‘Emily’ officially single… ?

P.S. Look at this ridiculousness that I found:


P.S.S. Nolan mentioned something about throwing a murder mystery dinner party in his new crib and YES. I want an invite to that ish, lol!

  • Samantha

    Hulu doesn’t work for you? I don’t know how that would help with the screen grabs tho.

    • Shannon

      Samantha, I never thought of that! THANK YOU– I’m gonna try it next time.

  • Hannah

    I was glad that Aiden got pissed! Let’s face it, Emily is pretty selfish. Nolan has felt the brunt of it, and now Aiden. I didn’t want Victoria to die, and not completely convinced she deserves to die, nor do I want Aiden to get too involved doing the initiatives dirty work BUT he caved into doing what Emily wanted for Emily’s own interests and paid a horrible price.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, ‘Emily is pretty selfish.’ Yessss, so glad I wasn’t alone on that one :)

  • blaqfury

    Thank you Aiden… exit screen left! (Although he missed an excellent opportunity to tell Emily off in countdown form). Now, as the focus should be… Emily & Daniel.

    I’m glad Nolan figured it out… man everyone he lets into his life has hurt him (Emily included), well maybe not Jack, but still. He needs a better group of friends…lol.

    Still not fully attentive to the Jack/Ryan Brothers and now Conrad storyline… but i’ll keep my eye on it.

    And I state again… Charlotte is the only sane person on this show (who is constantly portrayed as insane and unstable)… how ironic…lol

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, ‘Thank you Aiden… exit screen left!’ LMAO! Something tells me it’s not the last we’ve seen of him, and yes– Nolan needs better friends! I wanna see him and ‘Emily’ team up some more, esp on this Padma situation.

  • janalynn22

    I absolutely adored someone finally yelling at “Emily.” I mean, I love her, but sometimes she needs a reality check with all her bossiness. Anyway, I’m confused as to why Aiden believes The Initiative’s video of Colleen. Haven’t movies and TV shows taught us to ask for CURRENT proof of live. That video could be hella old. Where was today’s newspaper next to Colleen as they were shooting her up?

    • Joan

      I was thinking the same thing about the videos. They looked like they were from a bad, foreign soap opera. LOL!

    • Shannon

      janalynn22, ahhh! Good point! I kind of didn’t think The Initiative would pull a cheap trick like that, but then again… why not?

  • Devonte

    Omg, yes, I was so happy that Nolan caught on. I was really scared of him getting effed in the A anymore…but seriously, he needs to get effed in the A, I don’t like Bi-Nolan being all sweet on some female….BRING ME GAYNESS!….enough of that…also…we finally got some shirtless Daniel and bro was sucking in…NEXT…Smashley is def becoming a favorite…her snip on Victoria not getting any was a PERFECT comeback to her saying she was the “cat that dragged it’s self back in”….BEEEETCH, please…

    • Shannon

      Devonte, ‘BRING ME GAYNESS!’ LOL, I like Padma but Nolan seems to make more sense as a gay man. Maybe now that Padma is pretty much DUNZO, Marco can come back into the picture ;)

  • Jess

    Sooo…is Nolan,and subsequently Carrion, the reason for the lights going out in Revolution?! If you don’t watch that show then this comment won’t make sense lol.

    Also, I effing loving Ashley (actor and character). If you follow her on twitter it’s truly a pleasure to watch her drag her haters down a notch

    • MJ

      Ha! Beat me to it, I was gonna go with FlashForward since that one was an ABC show too….Maybe Nolan is Suspect Zero?

    • Joan

      I don’t like Ashley’s character (because half the time I’m not sure what purpose she serves on the show), but I generally like creative, snarky people. I’m going to check out her Twitter. lol

    • Jess

      I completely understand that Joan, I’m mostly just biased with Ashley because I adored on Call Girl.
      In regards to her Twitter,she doesn’t do it much but when she tweets her haters back you will probably be giving her a mental high five like me.

    • Shannon

      Jess, ha! I love Ashley’s fashion blog, but now I gotta jump on her Twitter.

  • Natalea

    1. Maybe it’s because I’m poor, but if a guy flew me across the country in his private jet for a fancy lunch, HONEY, I’D BE IN TROUBLE.

    2. As you said Shannon, I’m so effing glad Nolan is aware of Padma’s double agent status! I’m sure she has her reasons for working for the Initiative, but I don’t care what they are. No excuse for hurting Nolan!

    3. I was also pretty peeved when Emily stopped Aiden from killing Victoria, but come on, I knew she was going to intervene, ugh! And like you said, as despicable as Victoria is, we still need her around.

    4. And ten points to Aiden for standing up for himself! Homegirl Emily needs a reality check sometimes.

    • Shannon

      Natalea, point number one pretty much sums up how I feel about that situation, lmao! I mean… that would have really been it for me. It also helps that Daniel’s also cute and really sweet to her too ;)

  • Scott

    “Say yes, and I’ll buy you a house”. (‘Emily‘s text to Aiden)

    Hey Shannon, that was actually Emily to Nolan :)

    • Shannon

      Scott, thanks! I got distracted, dreaming of someone saying those exact words to me. LOL.

  • nicole

    that last scene with Aiden going off on Emily..oooh boy. loved it.

  • Joan

    I’m so Team Aiden lately that things are getting ridiculous! I’m always on Emily’s case because she’s the most egocentric avenger ever, but this was serious stuff! She really messed up this one. I’m also glad he gave him a piece of his mind to go with it. She NEEDS that from SOMEONE.

    I’m also SO HAPPY about Nolan! For once, he’s ahead of the game. Ha! I’m yet to feel sorry for Padma…I’ll probably regret it later…or not… I wonder what Helen has on her? I wonder if Emily’s advice (“play her like she’s playing you”) is going to backfire too. I mean, Emily was off her game on this episode! lol She’s getting innocent people killed left and right. I wonder if Helen also has one of Padma’s family members.

    Shannon, that Mona Victoria cracked me up. Perfection!

  • Sheens

    Am I the only one that thought Nolan sniffed the keyring when Padma gave it to him??

  • Monie

    Shannon you are absolutely hilarious. I love reading your Revenge and Scandal recaps!

  • Kiki1976

    I think Padma might be falling for Nolan. In the house, after he called her ‘perfect’, he turned and walked away. She smiled. And not for his benefit, because his back was turned.