Beyoncé’s Father, Mathew Knowles Has More Babymama Drama


We all know Beyoncé is a notoriously private artist who does just about everything she can to keep certain things to herself. I fear that we shall never get another glimpse of Blue Ivy’s face, and even with this HBO documentary coming out, I don’t expect Bey to really let us into her personal life. And who’s to say she’s wrong?! ‘Cause once your personal business is all in the streets you get headlines like the one above, lol. Beyoncé‘s father, Mathew Knowles, has a 2 year-old son with Alexsandra Wright (y’all may remember this relationship caused hella drama, eventually leading to the divorce between Bey’s mom and dad, and Bey firing her father as her manager). Let’s just say Alexsandra is none too pleased with some e-mails he’s been sending her, and his unwillingness to pay for private school, so she’s taking him to court to make him pay up. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the report:

Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles emailed an ominous threat to the mother of his 2-year-old son — or so the woman claims, and now she’s gunning for him in court … TMZ has learned.

Knowles’ baby mama Alexsandra Wright filed legal docs, asking the family court judge to up her child support to cover expenses for security to protect their kid.  Mathew is currently on the hook for $12k a month.

Wright claims she needs security because of a “threatening” email Knowles sent her back in September 2011, in which he wrote, “You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay.”

According to the docs, Wright also wants additional dough to cover expenses for a secure, private school.

Sources close to Knowles tell TMZ …  he faithfully pays child support, adding the only reason he hasn’t paid expenses for schooling is because they haven’t agreed on the school.

We’re told Knowles thinks Wright’s latest legal move could backfire because his income has drastically decreased since the original order was issued.  As you know, Beyonce gave him walking papers in 2011.

Knowles believes the judge could actually reduce his monthly payments.

Man, Alexsandra really has it rough. She’s only getting $12,000 a month! How’s she supposed to feed her son on that?! LMAO. OMG. I can’t even deal with the idea of needing a “secure, private school” for your 2 year-old but okay.

I didn’t follow the story very closely when it first broke but it sounds like Alexsandra is probably still raw over the fact that Mathew denied their affair, and denied being baby Nixon’s father. What do you guys think? Does Mathew need to pay up or does Alexsandra need to stop bein’ greedy?



  • Kiki

    Only $12k/month? How does she survive?! Meanwhile I’m suffering in the cold, frigid 10* temps in Chicago without any heat in my car because I can’t afford to have it fixed because I’m broke from paying for my medically necessary surgery I had at Thanksgiving. This woman for sure has a case of #FirstWorldProblems She better check herself.

  • AwesomeMargie

    This is why you wrap it up. Or, don’t have an affair.

    $12,000 is a lot of money but damn. I just cannot get over the fact that this man cheated on his wife and then pulled a Lance Armstrong. Ugh.

  • ella

    Maybe she’s just mad at him. And maybe she honestly feels like he’s threatening her. Why did he send her an email saying there’s a “price to pay”?

    And yes, $12,000 is a lot. But shouldn’t all kids get the maximum amount of child support possible? No, it’s not necessary, but I doubt the money that could now be going to the kid would have otherwise been going to feed starving children in need, Matthew would have just kept it for himself. So who cares? I so don’t feel bad for him.

  • Serenity

    “But shouldn’t all kids get the maximum amount of child support possible?”

    @ella I think it depends. I am all for children getting the best possible start in life, but think there’s a line between that and his parent seeing a chance to completely overhaul her own lifestyle.

    Ideally, both parties should sit down with their lawyers and discuss what it will actually cost to raise the child, and come up with a figure from that.

  • Serenity

    I’m not sure how I feel about this whole situation. On the one hand, I think that if somebody is dumb enough to have an affair that results in a child and then lie about, then that person is dumb enough to actually put something threatening in writing.

    On the other hand, I wonder if the babymomma is just gold digging. It sounds like the email (if there is one) was directed at her. Wouldn’t she be the one needing protection? And is she also filing for a restraining order?

  • Marcia

    She sounds like she just shot her greedy self in the foot. Plenty of people support way more family for way less money and are still able to pay for things like private school, college, cars, etc.

  • greg

    Bitch need to sit down somewhere or get a fucking job. $12,000 a month for laying on your back and getting pregnant?? WOW