Beyoncé Prepares To Sing The National Anthem At President Obama’s Second Inauguration Today [UPDATED With Audio & Video]


Altho President Barack Obama was officially sworn into his second term yesterday morning, today is the public celebratory day of his second inauguration and as such a whole slew of festive events are taking place in our nation’s capital today. As you may recall, 4 years ago legendary singer Aretha Franklin was chosen to sing the national anthem at Obama’s first inauguration. This year, that honor goes to megapopstar Beyoncé. Over the weekend, Bey shared a couple of personal photos from inside the rehearsal space … photos that you can check out below.

During the inauguration events 4 years ago, Beyoncé was a featured performer at one of the Inauguration Balls … this time, her performance slot has been upgraded significantly. Beyoncé has performed the national anthem before so I know she’s gonna kill it but … man, what a big day for her. Additionally, Bey shared a fun photo from the inauguration rehearsal that shows the placement of some key people on the stage where she will perform today:

Wow. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be a part of History like this. The inauguration events are getting underway right now, all of it being broadcast on TV right now. In a short time, Bey will perform the Star-Spangled Banner and then President Obama will be ceremonially “sworn” into office again. Happy Inauguration Day!!

UPDATE: An industrious person managed to record Beyoncé‘s rehearsal and uploaded it to the Internets for our listening pleasure, please enjoy:

UPDATE 2: Here is video of Beyoncé‘s stunning performance of the Star-Spangled Banner at the Inauguration Swearing In Ceremony today:

Damn, she killed it … slayed! What a powerful and beautiful performance, Bey did us proud, y’all.

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  • LaurenL

    Gorgeous! Beyonce really brought it!

  • Devonte

    damn, I hate this BEETCH….but I love her…

  • Matthew

    Whitney still owns the best rendition of the Star Spangled Banner ever. Mimi’s version at the super bowl is a distant second (that high note was crazy). This was good though, and more understated than I would have expected from B. Nice job.