Beyoncé Is Teaming Up With H&M For A New Fashion Line


So … it may be President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration Day and it may be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day but … apparently, it’s also Beyoncé Knowles Runs the World Day, as well. Earlier today, Bey performed a STUNNING rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at Obama’s swearing in ceremony and right now we get to learn some new Beyoncé news that will likely thrill many. Bey has teamed up with H&M to release a line of clothes later this year … the only problem is that we are not supposed to know this yet. Bey sneaked off to shoot photos for the campaign and one of her dancers accidentally spilled the beans about what the shoot was for, before H&M could make the official announcement. Whoops! But, Yay!

Beyonce was left red-faced after one of her dancers revealed secret information on Twitter about the star’s latest fashion collaboration. Beyoncé, 31, married to rapper Jay-Z, 43, set the rumour mill alight when she was seen in the Bahamas taking part in a secretive swimwear fashion shoot. Hours later, back-up dancer Kimberly Gipson, who was travelling with Beyoncé, let slip the name of the high street fashion brand behind the new campaign to her 6,200 followers by tweeting: ‘First day of trial in the Bahamas! H&M all set .  .  . go.’ While the dancer, 29, was quick to realise her mistake, hastily deleting the tweet, the damage had been done and within minutes speculation about Beyoncé’s relationship with the store hit fashion websites. An H&M spokesman refused to comment on the rumours.

Hee hee, yes the cat is deffo out of the bag. I’ve also heard rumors about Beyoncé‘s collabo with H&M and this is just the proof that I need that those rumors are true. I suspect we’ll be hearing officially soon enough that this collaboration is happening … just in time for Summer :D 2013 is going to be a big year for Beyoncé, I just hope all y’all are ready for it all.


  • Dezden

    Yayyyy!! I want some Bey fashions from H&M!

  • Megan

    I mean, really?!?! Did you really have to post that pic of her in a bathing suit while I’m still bulking up for winter. Sigh…

  • Sandy!

    Now she’s going to infect my favorite store?

  • LiQue

    overexposure…. yet again i was fed up with her when b’day came out, she was everywhere!!! hopefully H&M will edit the designs and we won’t get house of dereon styles.

  • quirkywinona

    Perhaps they’ll make a swimsuit that actually fits her.